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Not That I Could Tell
Not That I Could TellBethanyKalalau (7)
mixed feelings

When my friend asked me about this book, I wasn't sure how to respond. It took a long time to get interesting... however I did end up loving the women in the story. As far as it being a thriller.... ehhhhhh. Not so much. More like a relaxing read with a tiny twist.

I'm a thriller fanatic.. so I'm a little picky.

Not That I Could TellDallasSchmidt (4)

I am not one to complain about books...I love reading. I found this book very difficult to motivate myself to finish though. Once I got a little over half way though the book it got a lot more interesting though.

Not That I Could TellTammySroka (2)
Just okay....

I just finished this book....Predictable.

Not That I Could Tell (1)
So bored, not going to finish

This book is boring. Didn’t even finish chapter 8...

Not That I Could TellCarlyBalsamo (2)

I found it hard to WANT to finish this book. Glad I did, but..

Not That I Could TellShannon (1)
Boring, Standard

I feel so bad whenever I dislike a book (which is strange, because neither the book nor the author will never know nor really care), but this book not only took me FOREVER to get through, but there wasn't much payoff at the end. It was a standard domestic thriller except that it lacked any thrills at all. I wasn't excited, I wasn't surprised, and I just didn't have a lot of fun. Objectively it was well written, but could have used a LOT of editing.

TaylorWatkins (2)
What happens at the end
TaylorWatkins (2)
I dropped my book in the tub with 100 pagesto go :l
StefanieMusser (4)
Nothing happens. It's boring, the person they all suspect turns out to be the bad guy.
Not That I Could Tellbooknerd (12)

I'm about half way through and I gave up. Its boring. Izzy is obnoxious and if I have to read until the last 6 pages for the book to be redeem itself its not worth it. Moved on to Circe. So far so good.

Not That I Could TellPaigeTurner (2)
Is it worth finishing this novel?

So I'm a little over halfway in the book (page 170) and to my dismay, I feel like the plot hasn't moved in the slightest. All of the women are still in the same situation of going back and forth wondering if Kristen is okay, Izzy is still bemoaning her lost opportunity with Josh, and Paul is still just a suspicious background character. I'm growing increasingly bored with this book and I don't really care for any of the characters either. Is it worth finishing? Because this is my first BOTM where the reading experience has been comparable to reading a textbook; boring, but you force yourself to do it anyway.

Becky (34)
I read it all the way through because I'm a sucker for punishment. I didn't care for any of this book and ended up wishing the majority of the characters dead to add a little excitement (which I'm not sure was want the author wanted). I'd suggest to skip the rest and move on to something more enjoyable.
PaigeTurner (2)
That’s what I figured. I originally want to keep reading it because everyone was talking about this unpredictable twist at the end, but then I got to the point to where I just stopped caring.
StefanieMusser (4)
I guess the only unpredictable twist was...that there was no twist.
KaylaGallup (9)
I liked it and finished the book, but I wouldn’t really call it a thriller per se. It is more like a contemporary or drama with a straightforwardness on what happens.
ChristineDuane (58)
you made it farther than I did. I just couldnt do it, felt like all the other recent thrillers.
Not That I Could TellMichelleD (2)

I enjoyed learning about the different women and felt like a neighbor. I didn't see the twist at the end. But I had the feeling all along that Kristin was okay.

KaylaGallup (9)
I didn’t think Clara would know, but I was glad to see that small twist.
Not That I Could TellLauren (4)
Great writing but the plot dragged!

I have to say that the writer did well at setting the scenes and characterizing the characters. I enjoyed the great care she put into each chapter.

But! The book dragged on for a while because I could tell from the beginning where it was heading. Finally, when I made it past more than 300 pages, there was a twist about six pages to the end. However, the twist wasn't super impactful. It was kind of an afterthought to the whole storyline. I wish that the book would have hinted at the twist and showed how (spoiler) Clara was battling with Kristen being gone. She seemed only like a nosy neighbor and not someone who's had to keep a life or death secret. I also wish that it wasn't so obvious that (spoiler) Kristen left on her own because of domestic abuse.

KayBlack (1)
I agree.
Not That I Could Tellameber (3)
Really liked this book

I really liked this book. Certainly did not see the twist coming!

Not That I Could TellChelseaMercurio (1)
Finally Finished!

The ending of this book was amazing, but I found it a struggle to get through it! Kind of glad it’s over! If you’re into a book where you know a lot of different characters back-stories- then this is for you! I found it kind of confusing to keep track of everyone.

Not That I Could TellBreaWitt (21)

The only thing I really enjoyed in this one was the twist at the end with Clara knowing what happened. She pulled it off during the entire book and looked completely surprised. However, the rest of it really fell flat I'm afraid. I feel like it just kept going over the same aspects again and again. I was bummed with the Izzy character as she was so hung up on her "friend" because she never told him how she felt AND she stupidly fell for the pshycopath husband under suspicion of killing his wife?! Like why?! And the cop, the poor cop that asked her out...and she said no. So frustrating. Most of the other characters were Meh. And their stories weren't told to enough extent to feel involved or they just kind of tapered off and we have no conclusion. Disappointed with this one, I was looking forward to a good mystery read.

HayleyMorrissey (1)
I agree! I found myself skimming paragraphs because I wasn’t engrossed in the novel, and I don’t feel like I missed a thing! Pretty underwhelming novel, with a good twist at the end.
ChristineDrumgoole (2)
Agree. The characters were not developed enough for me to care or be interested in their story-line.
I totally agree, I'm kind of shocked that so many people loved this. It was so boring.
Jaime (14)
I agree. I also felt like most of the characters’ personalities were so interchangeable. I felt like they all were this same static woman character and there wasn’t much to distinguish between them in their reactions to things.
Not That I Could TellChristinaNicole (10)
Did anyone see the twist coming?

The twist at the end of this book was so Big Little Lies I found myself feeling happy, empowered and thankful for the strong female friendships in my life. Did anyone see the (spoiler alert!) Clara plot twist coming? Did anyone think Paul was innocent? I think the occasional asides made it pretty clear he wasn't, but the final confrontation left me looking out my own windows suspiciously with a pounding heart. Such a fun, fast read!

MAdoor (7)
I didn't see it until, Clara's sudden trip to Florida.
I didn't feel it was much of a "twist."
RachelHerceg (1)
I didn't see Clara coming. That was a surprise but totally believable given her history. I think we all pretty much knew Paul was guilty. At times I may have doubted it but too much pointed to him. It's hard to ignore.
Not That I Could TellCarleyJuilfs (1)
It was okayyyy

I did like the book however follow my last two BOTM thriller selections, it was a bit anticlimactic....... until the very end. It was a tad predictable to me. Worth reading though. Once. This is a book I would loan out and not be sad if the person never returned it.......

Lauren (4)
I agree! It was predictable, and the ending for me was underwhelming.
Jaime (14)
Lol a book I would loan out...
BryannEarwood (1)
Couldn’t agree more. It was OK at best! I made myself finish because half way though I stopped caring what actually happened to her. Very Gone Girl/Girl on the Train and it has apparently been over done!
Not That I Could Tellmaebecker (1)
loved ths book could no put it down. easy reading and enjoyable

i usually don't like mysteries but i wish i were still reading this book

I enjoyed it as well. I liked the family of characters and I loved the surprise at the end. I thought her mystery was well-crafted, teasing you without revealing too much.
I should have got this one???? I'm unhappy with Other People's houses. I'll get it next month.
patty (2)
I did enjoy the book but also felt that it was a bit slow. I was surprised by the ending.
Not That I Could TellChristineDuane (58)
worth finishing?

Im not really enjoying this book so far, seems the same as every other thriller and for some reason Im finding it difficult to keep track of everyone. Is it worth finishing?

Becky (34)
I finished it. It didn't get better for me....only worse as the book dragged on.
Crismtong (1)
this was definitely a really slow read for me..but keep going ! the ending is worth it for sure
LorisaOrlando (1)
I am so disappointed with this book. I have struggled half way through it and I truly don't like it. I have put it to the side and picked up another book to read. Maybe, in the future I will pick it up again. I definitely will not be passing this book on to anyone. There are so many books out there for me to read I don't want to waste my time.
Momof3girls (1)
The ending is great! I agree, the middle was a little slow. Keep going!
jltobb01 (7)
I finished it, but I felt a similar way. It seemed really predictable to me. I would say your life won't be ruined if you don't finish the book. lol
abbyfried (1)
I also found it hard to keep track of who everyone was, but it got easier once I stopped trying and just thought of everyone as a family member! There are some really great plot twists; I recommend continuing!