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One Day in December
One Day in DecemberEmilyRommel (1)
Quick delightful read

I do not usually read love stories but this book was delightful. Although it could be a little rom-com corny and predictable at times, I still looked forward to reading it each day and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a quick easy read with relatable characters.

One Day in DecemberAlexlin322 (12)

Am I the only one who was underwhelmed by this book? I wasn't really rooting for Laurie to end up with Jack because he was a jerk. He wasn't likable to me at all. And the whole thing dragged on longer than it really needed to.

DivineReading (2)
Omg yes completely I am glad I found someone who thought the same! They were both kinda annoying to me to be honest. Although Jack I found was more irritating.
I was more upset that it took so long from them to finally end up together! in the beginning I was totally for it but after a while meh. because after a while he started becoming annoying to me too! I didn't really want her to end up with Oscar either
One Day in Decemberalgohr (3)
One Day in December

I felt like this book was an amazing holiday book. I think I might make this a regular read for the holidays. It truly put me in the holiday mood. Sometimes I can be a grinch around December because of how much work the holidays cause. This light-hearted book helped me get out of that.

One Day in DecemberAlexandraPagani (1)
So Cute

I found this book to be so cute and entertaining for the holiday season. Kind of felt like I was watching a cute romcom Bridget Jones' diary kind of movie.. Loved it.

One Day in December (4)
Great Christmas time book

I’m generally not a huge fan of love stories, but I wanted something light during the holidays. I loved the story of Laurie, Jack and Sarah and the way their stories each unfolded. It made you think how much your life changes over the years.

One Day in DecemberHG (12)
Best Book of 2018

I never read romance novels because sometimes they’re too sappy and predictable... but this book was absolutely wonderful and one of my favorite I’ve ever read! There were so many lessons about friendship, growth, forgiveness, and growing up inside these pages.. the romance was just an added benefit! I loved each character individually. This was an easy one/two day read.. especially on the plane. What a great pick!

Kelly8875 (1)
I loved it. People change and grow over time, and all these changes were well written in this story. Great weekend read!
ChristineDuane (58)
Agreed!! This was in my top 3 of the year!!
One Day in Decemberfuchs7 (8)
LOVED this book!

I loved this book. I intentionally picked this because I wanted a romantic story to read right before Christmas and this was definitely that. Laurie and Jack had a love that most people can only hope for. It was beautifully written and such a feel-good story for the holiday.

ChristineDuane (58)
Agreed! I loved this so much!! Gave me all the feels.
One Day in DecemberAubreaVanderMolen (12)
Slow Start, Good Ending

This book DEFINITELY got off to a slow start. I found it very difficult to get through it and there were several times I just wanted to yell at the characters.

The ending was a pleasant surprise. Jack and Laurie developed so much over those 10 years and I'm happy it ended the way it did. I thought the whole calling into the radio station bit was so cute.

One Day in DecemberLorainneGragg (2)
One Day in December

Loved everything about this book. I could not put it down. I don’t usually go for rom-coms, but I said what the heck. So glad I went with this book. It was written very well.

Kaaatie129 (2)
Same here! And I’m so glad I did becuase this was for sure my favorite book of 2018! If this love triangle doesn’t make it to the big screens one day, I’ll be shocked!
MandySimpson (8)
Same! I usually gravitate towards suspense books and steer clear of rom-coms, but I'm so glad I picked this book. It was such a sweet story.