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PriestdaddySteph (1)
Not my favorite

I couldn't really get a sense of who her family was in this book, I feel like the author kind of jumped all over. I was expecting her to really dive into her family dynamic and maybe talk about things from her life having a priest as a father, instead it's as if she barely skimmed the surface of deep subjects and immediately changed course. All I really know about her father is that he walks around the house in boxers and likes to play the guitar. I didn't find any of the characters endearing or very interesting.

aburris2012 (1)
That's exactly how I felt! I was so confused. And I can tell the author is a poet because she got unnecessarily wordy a lot. And when she talked about her sister Mary and the way she talks, I was thinking "...what?"
KathrynE (4)
I think the lack of structure is making it really hard for me to finish this book. I'll likely take my first DNF on it. I already have my June books and I'm just under halfway done with this one.
BookWorm (11)
Agreed. I put it down after 100 pages and just didnt want to pick it back up. The tone just wasn't enjoyable for me. :/
JenONeal (30)
I feel similarly. For a book with "daddy" in the title there was very little of her dad in the book. However, I think she fleshes out her mom as a character really well. The more I think about it the more I think her parents are representative of her relationship to the church and the home (dad=church, mom=home/family). She so briefly touches on her relationship to the church but the book does focus on her feelings towards her family, both positive and negative. But I agree, I felt that this book skipped around and lacked a cohesive structure.
PriestdaddyCourtneyMichaluk (7)
i could write this. right?

I knew Patricia Lockwood from Twitter, like most people, and so I was excited to see her offbeat humor in this new memoir. I found parts of it to seem like she was truly revealing a deep part of her history. Other times, not as much. I didn't find myself as immersed in the characters as I wanted to be. I wanted to feel as though I was in the same room as this family, just as uncomfortable or stressed out by whatever Patricia's father was doing.

However, Patricia's prose is simply unparalleled. She's the type of writer who does it so effortlessly that you become inspired while reading and think, "I could do this...right?" She makes it look easy, as if every Midwestern Catholic could pen a whole book on their family. I wanted to sit down and start my own writing, because how hard could it be? Not many authors have this type of smoothness to their talent.

It does read like a long book of poetry with narrative sprinkled in, rather than a flowing narrative of a typical novel. If that doesn't interest you, then this book might not be for you. But I found it challenging and inspiring to finish.

BookWorm (11)
Interesting assessment!
PriestdaddyEmilyPhillips (4)
Was not my favorite book.

Priestdaddy was my first book that I ordered since joining Book of the Month club. I got the book because I liked the title, but I should've gotten another book instead of this one. I started this book hoping it would be good because of what good reviews the book had, but honestly I couldn't get into this book, I stopped reading Priestdaddy and started reading The Possessions much better book.

lilLibraryOwner (18)
Agreed. I forced myself to finish it. (It didn't get any better.) She is clearly good at poetry, but this memoir was lacking. I think if there was an editor who could focus her to dive deep into the characters, that would help. It jumped so much. I would read a book about her mother. She seems fascinating. Two out of five stars
KelliRobinson (1)
This was also my first BOTM pick. I picked this book based on good early reviews, my personal connection to the Catholic religion, and my hopes of passing this memoir on to my mother. I was unfamiliar with the author or her Tweets. I finished the book but will definitely not be passing this memoir on. To me, the odd and off-putting humor did not endear me to the members of the Lockwood family but, instead, distracted and irritated me. Most memoirs leave me with a sense of curiosity to know more but that desire was absent this time. Will turn now to the next book with hopes of a better reading experience.
CatrinaMagee (3)
My first book of the month pick, I chose out of my reading comfort zone and was sorely disappointed. I totally agree with the odd and off putting humor. There was maybe one line I snorted at through my reading but that does not a good novel make. I am not usually into humorous memoirs so maybe that was my first mistake and am not the best judge for this book. However I didn't really feel connection to the characters and a lot of the humor was not up my alley. I wanted to like it, it got good reviews, but it wasn't for me. Also read Since We Fell: great read.
PriestdaddyNicoleJacobsma (12)
A Roller Coaster Ride

Ok...I'm not usually one to choose memoirs. I usually choose sci-fi, so I almost picked "The Love Interest." I picked this book because I'm Catholic, and I wanted to 1) know what it was like to be the daughter of a married priest and 2) get her outside perspective of the Catholic Church (I knew before reading that she was no longer Catholic).

The first half of the book had me rolling on the floor laughing. "The Cum Queens of Hyatt Place" was by far my favorite chapter. I reread it twice just because I found it so hilarious. The Rape Joke chapter shocked me-I went and read her poem on the internet and it is brilliant; but the second half of the book (except for the last two chapters) were flat for me. I found myself skimming paragraphs.

I felt that I achieved my first purpose for choosing this book. This book really humanized priests, which I loved. I was confused about her perspective on the Catholic Church, though. It almost seemed like she has an unhealthy parent-child relationship with the Church. She seemed really angry at it for some reason. For example, she seemed to find it funny tormenting the poor seminarian. Other times she seemed to have such a respect for the Church that I was surprised she wasn't Catholic anymore. The way she talked about the Eucharist in the final chapter made me want to write down her words and use it as a Bible bookmark. I just wasn't quite sure how she felt about religion at the end of it, even though it was such a big theme of the memoir. Any thoughts?

readallday (48)
I loved this book for the beautiful writing, the incredibly funny scenes, and the really honest - but definitely conflicted! - feelings she had about the Church. She seems very spiritual to me but resistant to the Church in terms of an institution. I though she wasn't so much torturing the seminarian as almost testing him, and he came through every time, more or less. I definitely underlined passages and went back to sections to re-think my own take on the Catholic Church. A very thought provoking and pleasurable read, and those two are not always easy to achieve at the same time.
Erin (6)
I definitely agree with your sentiments. I felt Lockwood was incredibly conflicted about the Catholic Church - especially it's views/treatment of women. I took her "tormenting" of the seminarian as the kind of playful tormenting one might engage in with a younger brother. I didn't understand it to be ill-willed. This book was an interesting thought exercise for me because I grew up in a house that did not practice religion of any kind. I've always been interested in learning about the multitudes of faiths, but I often hit the same roadblocks I sense Lockwood does. In the end, it was her humor that completely won me over though. She presents her family honestly and is completely in touch with that indescribable thing that makes family family - love it or hate it.
AmyRyan (9)
Hi Nicole! I agree with a lot of your sentiments. The "Swimming Hole" chapter was definitely my favorite because it was so funny. I love your pick too because it embodies the mom's worry, unintended humor, and, subtly, her want for for literary attention from our author. If I had chosen this book from the library, I think I would've returned it after a few chapters. It's not typically my type of book. However, I'm glad I read through. The first half was definitely more entertaining, and I found the second half to be thought provoking. I felt the author used the book as a soundboard, or journal if you will, to sort through her feelings. I think we're left wondering about her feelings toward the church because she herself wrestles with her allegiance to both herself and to how she was raised. I felt this way about some of the insinuations about Priests too; she brought the story just to the point where I had to ask, "Did that actually happen?" Not necessarily in a questioning sense, but in a hopeful sense that the reality wasn't as doomed as it seemed to be written. With each chapter, I wondered why she danced around her allegations. Then I decided maybe these are stories too heavy for her, and putting admission on paper makes them real and final.
PriestdaddyCB (13)

I typically love memoirs but did not enjoy this book. I couldn't get into it. I finished but didn't look forward to reading it, chapter to chapter, or "devour" it like I do books I enjoy. She is very eloquent with words so I can tell she is probably great with her poetry. I laughed once. I found myself rereading paragraphs because it just did not hold my interest.

GalGlamorous (12)
I am really particular about memoirs. There are styles I love and there are styles I just can't stand. I thought I could give this one a try and couldn't finish it. Religion is a theme that provokes a sensitive spot for me to but I am willing to go there from time to time with the right kind of writer. She seemed to have the right kinds of instincts for me in the way she tried to portray her family. What made me out the book down was a sense of boredom. I read another critique that her style is too meandering and that was my real problem with the book.
NicoleJacobsma (12)
Did you read "The Rape Joke?" You can easily find it on the internet. She is very good with poetry. I laughed a lot in this book, but really only in the first half. After that, it fell flat for me as well until the last couple chapters.
NicoleJacobsma (12)
Double post