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The Age of Light
The Age of Lightmia (3)
Wonderful read!

The Age of Light follows the journey of a twenty-three year old woman, Lee Miller, a model turned photographer. She left her home and her modeling career in New York and move to Paris to follow her dream in photography. Then, she met Man Ray, a famous Surrealist artist. She became Man Ray’s apprentice and soon became his lover. Lee Miller eventually found herself struggling trying to prove herself and her talent in the art society.

This book is such a wonderful read! It helped me appreciate the beauty of art, especially photography. I always imagine how it is like living in the past and this book is a beautiful reminder of an artist life in 1930's.

I think the author did such a great job on the character development. I felt Miller’s sadness and her anger. After reading this book, I had to read more about Miller and her work and I found her very talented and beautiful. It is sad to think that she could have probably done more, but I am happy that this book gave her a spotlight she deserves. I also enjoyed how the author alternate the past and the present with the chapter! Very well written book! Finally, I love that this book brought to life many other famous artist too like Pablo Picasso, Claude Cahun, Ernest Hemingway, and Jean Cocteau.

Definitely enjoyed this book. Read until the end! The last quarter of the book has the most important stuff! My only wish is that I am sitting inside Cafe de Flore, having a cup of coffee, while reading this book. Overall, if you like art and the 20s-30s era, this book is for you!

I am only at page 40 and am loving the book. So well written.
The Age of LightJroussey (2)
Who else is picking this?

I’m thinking of this for my pick but I can’t commit. Help me decide please..

sunny (1)
I received it yesterday. I am in love. Its a real page turner.
The Age of Lightsmshawyer (2)

1930's Paris? Say no more. I have been attached to my favorite psychological thrillers lately and think this switch up will be the excitement I'm looking for. From a huge Anais Nin and Henry Miller fan, I cannot wait to receive this more contemporary version of the genre (Or at least this is what I am comparing The Age of Light to). Oh, and bring on the explicit sex scenes. That's half the fun of reading a romance novel, right? Also added A Ladder to the Sky to my box. I'm going in blind with that one, but I can't pass up any risque novels (apparently) this month.