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The Astonishing Color of After
The Astonishing Color of AfterAlexMatthews (8)
Loved it!

This was an incredibly moving story, and that final plot twist (spoiler) about Feng not being real was incredible and I never saw it coming! Would definitely recommend this!

The Astonishing Color of AfterBecky (34)
Beautiful Book

I enjoyed this book, but the use of colors to describe every emotion was a bit aggravating. The flashbacks/seeing into the past, exploring relationships and coping with such a tragic loss were all beautifully described. I loved the touch of magical realism and I was crying by the end of the book, thankful for my own mother, and calling to say "I love you."

The Astonishing Color of AfterAmanda (18)
Anyone else struggling?

I really liked the premise of this book since suicide is an oddly fascinating topic to me. I'm almost halfway through and am really struggling to finish. I'm irritated that every chapter ends with the same sentence "my mother is a bird", and I wish that some of the memories/scenes would dive in a little deeper. I feel like I start getting into a really intense scene and then I'm left with a little disappointment that there wasn't more. Am I jumping the gun too soon? Hoping it picks it towards the end, or maybe I just don't mesh with Young Adult books. Anyone else feel this way?

FrancesPearson (1)
I totally agree with Carrie! Don't stop reading yet. The second half blew me away.
CarrieChaney (15)
Hey Amanda! I had similar struggles. The constant coloring of emotions really pulled me out of the narrative and left me frustrated. I liked the second half a lot better than the first, but it still fell a little flat for me in the end.
Amanda (18)
*Update. Just finished and wow and I taken aback. The second half of the book was far more interesting and intense to me for some reason. Did not see the end coming and was a nice twist. So glad I pushed through!
The Astonishing Color of Aftercwilger (3)
Similar to A Million Junes

Did anyone else think this had a very similar vibe to A Million Junes? I loved that book, and I loved this new one too! If you liked AMJ, I'd definitely recommend this book too.

CarrieChaney (15)
A Million Junes was one of my favorite selections! I have to say, I didn't love this one as much. I had a hard time investing in the first half. I thought the last third was the strongest portion, though, and really liked the ending. I have read so many great reviews, and the writing was really satisfying...I think maybe this just wasn't my cup of tea.
TurningPages247 (4)
Yes, my thoughts exactly! I just finished The Astonishing Color Of After and loved it.