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The Clockmaker's Daughter
The Clockmaker's DaughterMelAlex123 (5)
The unfinished painting??


So I finished and absolutly loved this book. But due to all the different characters was a bit confused. Who was Mrs. Hammett to have ended up with Edwards unfinished painting? I know she did interviews with Juliet but how else did she relate to the story?

ldalt (1)
I believe it was her father (grandfather?) that was a policeman during the investigation into Fanny's death. I'm still not entirely sure how he would have got the painting though. Or perhaps Edward stayed in the Swan with Lucy while she was unconscious?
Jaye (1)
So, Edward was distraught, thinking the love of his life had just killed his fiancée and run off with a priceless family heirloom. The policeman who, yes, was Mrs. Hammett's father (/grandfather?) said he liked the painting and Edward basically told him to take it.
MelAlex123 (5)
Oh got it. Thank you!
The Clockmaker's DaughterBJane (1)
Slow Start

Confused and having a hard time getting into story line.

JerriLyn (7)
Oh me too! It's dragging and I keep putting it down to pick up something else to read. I've tried previous Kate Morton books and had the same reaction so it seems she's just not my type of writer. I will probably eventually finish it and change my review but it's going to take a while.
The Clockmaker's DaughterBonnieGail (1)
Slow Build

Guys, I. Loved. This. Book. From the first page I read of this book, I knew I would be a fan of the author's writing style. That said, it took me awhile to decide if I wanted to be invested in the story. Once I set my mind to really reading this book and had time to devote to it, I couldn't go back. I became so invested in Birdie's story. I thought it was a really great read and I'm glad I selected it for my BOTM.

The Clockmaker's Daughterkateniestrom (9)
I'm confused

Be warned- spoilers will follow. I want to start off by saying that I liked this book... I just couldn't figure out what the author was trying to do. The entire first half of the book is so focused on Elodie, just for her to be almost completely ignored for the rest of it. Every time I got invested in a character or story, their section would end, only to be vaguely brought up again later. I was given such intense glimpses into so many people's lives, only for literally none of it to be resolved. It was so frustrating, and almost nothing was explained at the end. Anyone else feeling this way??

UrsulaWheeler (8)
I felt much the same way. This is a small note, but I was so unconvinced by Jack's story. His wife left him and cut him out of his daughters' lives because he risked his life during a hostage situation? I can absolutely understand being furious and scared about that, but to become completely estranged from him as a result seems like too big a leap to be believable. It felt like Morton was trying to give him a tragic life while making sure he was completely faultless. Didn't ring true to me at all.
Rosey10 (1)
I agree. I have loved all of Kate Morton's previous books, and even though as many have said this book is "beautifully written," it's still a rambling mess. Too many characters, too many dangling side plots, disappointing ending. But I will still look forward to the next book by this author.
kelsharry (2)
What I got was that the central 'character' was the house (&Birdie since they're one in the same) and the way the other characters related to it. Jack's story felt unfinished and I wasn't sure what purpose he gave to the overall story, other than someone for Elodie to meet at the end. I wasn't really invested in Elodie, so I was happy the author introduced other characters and focused on little glimpses of different periods in the house's history. For an already long book, there was so much that could've been explored deeper too. But I kind of liked the loose ends.
EricaRankin (1)
I just finished this and felt the EXACT same way. I love Kate Morton and I've enjoyed all her books, but this one just frustrated me. I couldn't tell who the story was supposed to be about. All of the plotlines/"mysteries"/backstories were so scattered and unfocused, and we don't really get much growth with any of the characters. It seems like alot of people loved this one, and I do always enjoy her language and writing style. Hopefully her next book will be better!
keroseberry (1)
I agree, but it didn't hinder my enjoyment of the novel. I kind of just went with the flow, waiting for Elodie to crop up again. I got the feeling that our true main character is Birdie, and everyone revolves around her until they come back into focus.
ndarty (17)
I'm 250 pages in and struggling. The writing is good. The time jump doesn't bother me, it is the re reading of parts to figure out who the chapter is about. I want to keep going, but I'm bored. I am at the point were can't say were its headed, half way thru and still being introduced to new characters that honestly I can't find any reason for some of them.
EmilyC (11)
I feel exactly the same way! I don’t want to say I’m not going to finish but I think I might have to put it down and come back because I’m just not invested anymore. This should be right in my wheelhouse- mysterious evocative house, little dash of historical London, woman trying to find her place- but there’s too many threads and now I’m bored. I want to check back in with Elodie and her journey and not so many past lives of the house.
I felt the story was more about place and connections versus a specific character. I loved it. But I would agree that I got invested in Elodie and had a hard time switching gears at first.
The Clockmaker's DaughterErikaanne23 (2)
Slow start......

Having trouble getting into this one.....

MandyLikesPie (2)
I did too. The beginning isn't bad, it just didn't draw me in. Eloidie felt flat, and the narrative from the past was so mysterious and vague that it was kind of annoying. I'm about a third of the way through and now I'm enjoying it because things are actually happening. It got more interesting for me around page 100.
JerriLyn (7)
Ok I was having a hard time getting drawn in as well but I'll slog through and hope it gets better based on the reviews here.
I am loving this book! I'm down to the last 100 pages. There are so many threads being woven together. I can't wait to see how it all comes together in the end. Stick with it!
The Clockmaker's DaughterJerriLyn (7)
Cant wait to start reading this one!

Looking forward to this read ... I'm needing a good escape! ????