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The Far Field
The Far FieldDJ (2)
**Spoiler** Amina

I didn't get the timeline of Amina calling for Shalini's parents via Zoya and Latief...

Did she call after finding out about Riyaz running away with Shalini? or did she call when she realized Shalini never fulfilled her favor of talking to Riyaz about not going down the mountain?

I'm also just overall confused as to when exactly Amina became sour towards Shalini...

If anyone could shed light on these querries, it would be much appreciated!

The Far FieldLeaMichelle (6)
slow and not developed well

Spoiler alert I still have no idea why the main character even went searching for this random man. The relationship he had with her mother was never really defined and the ending when she just randomly had sex with some older general made no sense what so ever. Even weirder is why she trusted this person would help her friends. The whole story was pretty pointless. I did like learning about the politics in the region, and the writing style was good- but that is about it.

The Far Fieldarrianym (2)
**spoilers** Great Read, but a bit slow

I thought that the writing style was engaging and thought provoking. Although it seemed shallow at first, and it definitely was in a way, I came to appreciate Shalini's immediate attachment to the people she met; they represented the warm, simple, affection that her mother never gave her. The ending was also devastating, yet realistic, which really intensified the impact of the book. I do think that the book was a little slow, and would have benefited from a stronger connection between Shalini's mother and Bashir Ahmed...I think that it would have made her mother's death more meaningful.

The Far FieldGrapes0521 (5)
Interesting Read

This book was as gorgeously written as you’d imagine from the cover art. I felt it was a little slow but very though-provoking. I enjoyed reading about Kashmir, an area I knew little about.

The Far Field (5)
Appropriately disappointed

I wished different outcomes for so many characters in this book but was not at all surprised by the lack of change in and for the main character. I saw her as a shallow brat who just didn’t get it. Her investment into others was short-lived and fairly shallow. Her own need for understanding and closure undermined everyone else around her. Appropriate ending for a character who likely evolved less than she could even know.

The Far FieldHayleyStenger (13)
Good Start

I really enjoyed the experience of reading the novel, but felt let down by the ending. Did anyone else feel differently? Similarly?

Erin (1)
I described it to a friend as brilliantly, expertly disappointing. I had a lot of big feelings and even downright anger for 2 straight days after finishing. I still love it, I still recommend it, but wow...
Kacie (2)
***Spoiler*** I enjoyed this book a lot, and agree that the ending was a bit of a downer. It felt unresolved with the disappearance. I don't think the reader gets closure, and that is deliberate of course. I still liked it. Some stories just aren't going to be tidy at the end
The Far FieldBecky (34)
Beautifully Written

I really enjoyed this book. Almost a "love" for me, except that I didn't feel that the main character grew from her life journey which was a bit of a disappointment. I felt like the author did an amazing job describing mental illness and Page 298 broke my heart and left me in tears for some time.

Kacie (2)
Yes! I was hoping some more would be resolved. Devastating ending. I think the author circling back to how she began the novel was a good choice. Oh, how much would have been different had Mr. Ahmed never visited.
Ketzra (22)
That part was a shocker for me, too.
EmilyC (7)
So glad to hear this! It’s in my cart as an add on for January, really looking forward to it.
The Far FieldKetzra (22)
Half way through...

I’m loving this book! Seriously, the writer could describe something dry like how to pay taxes and I would be thinking, “such a lovely read!” The story has my interest and the writer has talent. If The Far Field was not your book choice for December 2018, I highly recommend it be your add-on for January 2019. Peace. Love. And read.

Kayla (108)
I am so happy to hear this! The cover is so lovely. I picked it as my BOTM and I cannot wait to jump into it!
Thanks, looking forward to this read!