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The Girl Who Smiled Beads
The Girl Who Smiled BeadsRobinLemke (8)
Just started

I got my box last night and just started this one and am reading it compulsively. Feels like the perfect choice this month. Clementine reminds me a lot of my own 12yo so I suspect it’ll be a hard read in parts but am really grateful to BOTM for bringing it to my attention.

The Girl Who Smiled BeadsJuliannaRose (1)
What's Everyone Reading?

It was too hard to make a selection this month! What did everyone else choose? It's been a while since I've read a memoir.

theyaz (2)
It was such a hard decision this month that I had to pick 3. My selections this month were Girl Who Smiled Beads, Circe, and Then She was Gone.
SylC (11)
It was really hard to choose this month, I ended up getting The Girl Who Smiled Beads, Our Kind of Cruelty, and And Then She was Gone! #soexcited!!!
StephanieB (2)
I picked this one and Circe. I'm looking forward to reading this at lunch today!
Becky (34)
I ordered Circe and Our Kind of Cruelty. I am anxiously awaiting their arrival. I'm thinking about adding The Girl Who Smiled Beads to my next month's order. It sounds really good.
VMG40220 (14)
I chose Circe, The Oracle Year, and this one. I started this book on a Sunday and finished it that same evening. I don't think enjoy is the right word for this book because it is really awful all the things that they went through, but I think it's good to read books like these to remind us what is going on outside of our comfortable little bubble.
AllisonJones (1)
Then she was gone and the Oracle year!
I chose The Oracle Year and added Ready Player One, since the movie is out and I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie.
RobinLemke (8)
Reading Ready Player One right now and loved it! Evelyn Hugo was my extra book this month and I can’t wait!
RobinLemke (8)
This was my pick! I just couldn’t stop wondering about those girls so it seemed like the right pick. My box isn’t here yet but I can’t wait!
scrambledeggs (3)
I choose The Girl Who Smiled Beads and Circe. I've never read a memoir before and I'm really looking forward to it. I also want to educate myself more on the Rwandan genocide.