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The Lying Game
The Lying GameLeahG (4)
I liked it!

I've read Ruth Ware's first two novels, and I didn't love them as much as most people seemed too. Ware's greatest strength is setting the scene, which she does marvelously in both In A Dark, Dark Wook and The Woman in Cabin 10. While both novels had incredibly strong first halves, they fizzled out by the end. They didn't finish with as much gusto as I felt they should have, as if Ware had some great ideas but didn't know how to see them through and wrap them up effectively.

I felt like she did a much better job with The Lying Game. Now, I wouldn't consider it to be as much of a "thriller" as her first two. But, it behooves her writing style to read a book of hers that is much more focused on the setting and the characters. While there wasn't a huge twist or revelation at the end, I don't feel like it needed it as much as her other books did. I really enjoyed it!

The Lying GameMelissaBraxton (6)
Not that bad, but didn't live up to the hype

So I have not read any other Ruth Ware books, but I heard such good things about Woman in Cabin 10 and there was so much buzz about Lying Game that I decided to add it to my August box. It was not as good as I would have thought.

Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a total snore. I thought the plot was a good one as it has all the makings of a good thriller...teenage school girls, lies, death, and secrets.

I thought the build up throughout the book was great until closer to end. It just seemed to lag on for a bit without giving the reader that explosive ending. I thought the ending was like a lifetime movie ending. Haha!

The Lying GameBreaWitt (21)
This wasn't what I expected

This was the first book I'd read by Ruth Ware. I've seen rave reviews on The Woman in Cabin 10 and it's on my list to get, but I've never read it. SO I got this one when I saw it available. I have to say, I thought maybe it would be a little more of a thriller. It was a good read, don't get me wrong, but the story just ended so dull. I thought there would be more surprise or thrill in it. I'm not giving up though, I read one of the other reviews on here that said there was another that was the best by Ruth Ware. I just ordered that one!

The Lying GameSoranaR (26)
Boring AF? (Spoilers)

Just finished reading this and I'm severely underwhelmed by the story line.

I should start off by saying I LOVED Woman in Cabin 10 and I'm looking forward to reading Ruth Ware's first book, so naturally I was just as excited about this as everyone else. It starts off slow, which is perfectly fine (who doesn't love slow burning mystery novels?) but as a reader, you're okay with this because you're expecting an explosion at the end as the tension builds. But here? No way! The crime isn't even that spectacular and you wait all the way to the end of the book to find out Luc did it and not Kate? SO?! I found myself constantly yelling out loud, "who cares?!"

Aside from the boring plot/crime, Isa is a whiny and way too maternal character. Half the book isn't even the mystery but the main character cooing and breast feeding her baby. Fatima was really the only person I cared for here.

Ware did get setting right, though! She's so good at making you feel like you're right there in that creepy coastal town. She's a great writing and her style of dialogue and turning a phrase are the only reasons I continued reading this, but definitely not her best work.

ChristineDuane (58)
I agree! It was boring, the crime not really that thrilling, and the ending was weird. I was really hoping that Fatima would end up being the murderer in the end just to make it more interesting!
cblackburn10 (76)
If Fatima had been the killer or even Thea, that definitely would've made for a better ending. I agree that the crime wasn't thrilling - they didn't kill him, just buried him, and the hype leading up to the event made it seem way worse than what it really was and it left me beyond disappointed. Hopefully Ware's other novels are better!
JillGoudy (1)
I have to agree, although I liked the book, the crime was not as sensational as expected. The ending was shocking to me though. That Kate would run into the house and die along side Luc surprised me. After all this time, she loved him that much? And why did he try to seduce Isa? Was he in love with all the girls in some way? It just left me feeling like huh?
cblackburn10 (76)
I'm glad I was not the only one who felt this way about the crime! All of this hype leading up the event and all they did was bury a body?! Though burying a body could make someone an accessory to murder, the girls acted like the event was much worse than it actually is. The destruction of the hype is ultimately what made me decide to put the book down for about a month and read something else because after that point in the story, everything became quite boring, until the ending, when Kate decides her love for Luc is so overpowering that she runs into the burning home to die with him. In the end, I felt the same way as you, the "huh?" feeling.
ChristinaNicole (10)
In a Dark, Dark Wood is by far her best book. It is the most frightening and shocking. I feel like each one of her books gets most diluted. I'm 70% done with The Lying Game and am disappointed as well, given how riveting her first two books were.
KristaMccorkle (2)
100% agree!!!! That book was amazing! I am disappointed in The Lying Game and I'm not even done :(
Carissa (4)
Definitely agree! While the writing was great and detailed, the story line was very underwhelming. I thought the crime and the reason for it was just stupid. The main character doesn’t do much but worry and it took her forever to figure it out. Fatima became my favorite character. Mostly I’m annoyed by the ending. It just abruptly ended without any explanation like, did Isa and Owen stay together? What happened with the other girls? What happened with the investigation for Ambrose death? I think if you are able to make it through this annoying book you deserve a better ending that it failed to deliver.
SoranaR (26)
Perfectly said! Thank god for Fatima; I think she was the only reason all of us hung on!
KaleeEaster (1)
I could not have said it better myself. I had no issues developing a mental picture because her imagery is extremely vivid. After reading the Woman in Cabin 10 I had EXTREMELY high expectations for this book and it really just fell flat.