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The Municipalists
The MunicipalistsCB (13)
Pretty good

I liked this one. Very different from my other reads but pretty good.

The MunicipalistsGloryJotter (2)
Probably gonna be disappointed, but it's gonna be a wild ride.

I picked this for one reason and one reason only: this sounds to me like a wacked out Futurama fanfiction where A/U Hermes and Bender go on an adventure. I mean, really, a bureaucrat and a day-drinking irreverent robot solving mysteries in the ~wOrLd Of ToMoRrOw~? Sign me up, baby!

I have to admit. I didn't think of Futurama, but now that I can see it clearly, I'm exci​ted to read it with them in mind.
KristineCoumbe (27)
I thought the same thing. I hope I am not disappointed.
SailorMoon (4)
Glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Bender and Hermes based on the description. Still interested to see where this goes, though.
The MunicipalistsSailorMoon (4)
Outside my usual area

I chose this book, in part, because it sounds pretty far afield of what I usually read. I'm honestly not big into sci-fi, I'm more of a historical fiction person. That said, I'm a huge nerd and work in an area where AI plays an enormous role. Excited to dig in and see where it takes us. It's apparently humorous at points, and I could use a bit of humor right now!

Anyone familiar with this author's other work?