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The Proposal
The Proposal (1)
Leisure Read

This book was really good. While having predictable ending, their road to personal self discovery was interesting and not how I had thought it would go. I enjoyed reading through both view points. It made me that much more interested in the characters. Overall, This book was really good and I really enjoyed reading it.

The Proposalkatie (3)
Cute and fun read

I was invested in the characters early on and I enjoyed their journey in this story. There were some times when I disagreed with the characters' thought processes or decisions, but I still really loved the book. What did you guys think of this one.

UrsulaWheeler (6)
I enjoyed it, but some of the secondary plots were a little slow and not terribly believable. The medical stuff--Jess's pregnancy, Carlos not going to the doctor--didn't engage me much at all. Still, it was a fun read. I LOVED the Wedding Date, so I wonder if this is just a sophomore slump kind of thing; I'll always be eager to read more from Jasmine Guillory, but this one didn't sweep me away the way her first book did.
AdySimmons (2)
This was the first book that I have read by this author and I loved it. I keep hearing that it is disappointing after her first novel though. Now I have to go find The Wedding Date and see for myself. If The Proposal is a slump for this author, then I need to see what else she has written!
AprilH (1)
I didn't like this book. I wanted to so much and it was my first pick for this subscription. For me, the characters lack depth. Their history is laid out more matter of fact than something that draws me in. I'd say Carlos' obsession with his cousin's health was the most believable thing so far and I got really tired of that. Whoever wrote the description gets props because they made it seem way more engaging than it is. I'm glad you liked it Katie. Maybe we'll agree on something next month! <3
MaryKateNewell (6)
I really struggled to get into this story for some reason. I disliked the characters right away. The characters all seemed aloof with little depth. Maybe I just wasn’t in the mindset for this book.