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The Winter Sister
The Winter SisterAlexlin322 (12)

I was hoping this book would have a shocking twist but it was easy to figure out who it was before the book was even halfway done.

The writing was amazing and I loved this book despite the predictability. Also, I pictured Kelsey Grammar as Will for some reason.

Pepita (2)
This was my analysis as well. I thought the writing was good, and I loved the depth that each character had, I felt like every one of them had intriguing backgrounds and good character development. However, as you said, the book was predictable from the start.
The Winter Sister (1)
I couldn't choose

It was either between a woman is no man, or The Winter Sister. I choose The Winter Sister. I love thriller books. My add on was Ghosted. This is my first month getting this Subscription. Can't wait to get my box this month.

Ketzra (22)
I hope you enjoy your new books. :)