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When Katie Met Cassidy
When Katie Met CassidyAnge (6)
Wanted more depth

I really did enjoy this. But it was nothing more than a quick read. I couldn’t get invested in the characters the way I wanted. I wanted more detail at certain times. I was happy to read a good LGBTQ romance but i was more excited to read it and then was sort of happy when I finished it so I could start something new. I would still recommend it to others who wanted a easy, simple and sweet book that they could read over a weekend or pull an all nighter. 3/5 for me.

When Katie Met CassidyAlexlin322 (12)

I was SO excited for this lesbian romance. But this book lacked depth and the characters were not very well developed. I just didn't really get what was so special about Katie that made Cassidy swear that she was different than the others. Plus, I can't stand when books just pretend that bisexuality isn't a thing. Katie likes both men and women but she only ever sees herself as straight or not straight.

Ange (6)
I completely agree. Why didn’t anyone just suggest, hey maybe you like men and women? And yeah what was it about Katie? But it was definitely just a enjoyable book, just nothing really special and I didn’t get any gratification once I finished it. Wanted more detail and depth. I felt like it came up short at certain times. Oh well
imanicole (1)
I am on page 54 and have rolled my eyes at least 8 times. Should I even bother? I’m so disappointed.
When Katie Met CassidyMaryKateNewell (7)
Lacked dimension

This story is cute and is a quick read. The storyline is a little stereotypical and lacks dimension though. The relationship also evolved at an unrealistic pace. It felt rushed.

MariannAbrahamsen (3)
I totally agree, it did feel rushed which was confusing to me. While I was reading I had many moments in which I craved more detail, more thought, rather than Katie's "Gay or Straight" internal conflict. It was frustrating that there was no mention of anything in between those two, bisexuality, pan sexuality etc.. It felt very hetero-normative in the understanding of how sexuality works which in turn felt like it was written for easy consumption of the masses.
MariannAbrahamsen (3)
consumption for* the masses. woops.
ChristineDuane (58)
Agreed! I liked it, it was cute, kind of read like a movie. But also not much to it. Im not sure I totally believed how quickly they got together.
When Katie Met CassidyDiana7 (33)
Pleasantly surprised

I was lucky enough to have gotten this book as a freebie at the BOTM/Kiehls event thank you BOTM!!. I was happily surprised with this light hearted summer read.

When Katie Met Cassidykclark9 (1)

I really like this book so far!!

MaryBB3 (3)
Me too! Just started it today and only have 50 pages left!!
Ebi (1)
It was super cute. Just what I need for a fluffy summer read.