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Before She Knew Himlissajacobs (9)

There is a tracking number when you go to your box and that order, or in the email they send you saying it shipped.

Daisy Jones & The Sixlissajacobs (9)

I was stuck in a cycle of reading the same books and not knowing how to venture out and find books that were different that I would still like. BOTM is the greatest thing that has happened to me. I'm up to twenty six books from them since joining last May and they are a treat to read, very different to what I would usually read, and unique each month. I love it so much.

Early Riserlissajacobs (9)

I'm the opposite I always go for the sci-fi and I've gotten most of the ones on here. I would recomend "dark matter" "the philosophers flight" or "Spinning Silver (fantasy)" if you wanted to try more sci-fi/fantasy books. On this month I picked this one and "A Woman is no Man"

A Woman Is No Manlissajacobs (9)

I wasn't aware of the hype either but it's a great book and I'm so happy I chose it and got to read it a month early!

A Woman Is No Manlissajacobs (9)

I did the exact same thing, I'm well into "A Woman is No Man" and just starting "Early Riser" both are great so far.

Severancelissajacobs (9)

I literally came on here just to complain about this, I'm only 5 pages into the first chapter and super annoyed. Is this some new literary trend, I don't like it, it adds nothing to the story and makes it more difficult to read. Why try to change something that was not broken? It's not edgy, it's stupid.

The Philosopher's Flightlissajacobs (9)

Continued from below because couldn't post as one comment They are there to help delve deeper into the surrounding culture of the fictional world. Her exert is no different to newspapers, broadcasters, experts, and books that discuss religion in the real world it is just written as if by someone within the world of the book. Further more she is using Jesus as a positive example of a male leader. The book is set on earth within our timeline with only a few minor changes so the same religions still exist, I don't believe that including them in her book is cheapening the faith it is showing its strength to still be prominent in a world with magic.

Spinning Silverlissajacobs (9)

You do not have to read her other book first. This is a stand alone one. Although I did recently buy her other book because I enjoyed this one a lot. It's a long book but a great story.