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For Better and Worselitzwhip (9)

I agree. I really enjoyed the read...until about the last 10 pages. I guess I was a bit surprised because I had pegged this as going one of two ways - they get away with it, or they get caught. So that threw a bit of a wrench in it for me.

Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstancelitzwhip (9)

I agree so much. I never would have just picked this book up to read it - which is one of the reasons I love BOTM. I am glad this was my selection for the month though - my last 4 books have been thriller/mysteries and this book was just what I needed to change the pace and balance out the others!

Since We Felllitzwhip (9)
Where's the epilogue?

After reading the rest of the comments, there seems to be a love/hate relationship with this book. I loved it. Or most of it. I actually took the longest getting through the first section, which seems to be opposite of many readers, but then I read all of section two and section three in one day.

The book just went to a place where I wasn't expecting (but was excited to go to!). I found it to be page turning and exciting and I was literally on the edge of my seat. Obviously when you look at the characters individually (i.e., Rachel) there's some concerns and issues, but as a whole I found this to be just really good.

Until I got to the last 10 pages...it was here that I realized that what I thought was going to happen was not going to happen. That the closure I was looking for in this book, was not going to be presented. And then I was given THAT ending. Can you call that an ending? Maybe to a chapter....but not a book. I'm not sure a sequel would be warranted.....there's not THAT much to tie up, but an epilogue would have helped! Like, 10 years later - Brian, Rachel, and AB? Or Rachel and AB? What did she do with the passports? What's going on in Amsterdam? Who's in jail? Anyone? Who's 70 million richer now? Anyone? I just needed one more chapter.

Killers of the Flower Moonlitzwhip (9)
What's next?!

I very much enjoyed reading this book. I was engaged with it all the way through. Particularly once Tom White got deeply involved, and the trials began. Now that I've completed the book though, I find myself looking for more. Grann has so many references and notes associated with this book, and I feel very investigative after reading. I think reading the biography Tom White: The Life of a Lawman would be interesting and also following up on some of the items listed in the bibliography.

All Grown Uplitzwhip (9)

This book was nothing that I expected. In a bad way. I had much higher hopes for it. I don't understand why the ending took THAT LONG to get to. For a while there, I thought the point of the book was to maybe start at the end and read it from end to beginning. The timeline really messed with my train of thought. I liked it, but I'll never read it again or recommend it to anyone. I had no problem just putting the book down whenever I wanted and never had a moment where I had to KEEP GOING because it was "so good".

Behind Her Eyeslitzwhip (9)

I struggled to decide between Stranger in the Woods, Marlena, and All Grown Up - but eventually decided on All Grown up. Exit West was the 'recommended' one for me, but something about it didn't seem all the intriguing. Guess I'll have to scope out the discussion board and see what everyone else thinks!

Behind Her Eyeslitzwhip (9)

I thought this through most of the book!!! I couldn't exactly make it match up with Adam, and the whole David thing, but that's all that made sense to me!

Behind Her Eyeslitzwhip (9)

It's funny because when the book started to get going, I kept thinking about the title, and for most of the book thought about how Adele and Louise could be the same person, living different lives, like an out of body experience (I thought Louise maybe didn't exist). Especially when Adele would talk about how she "knew" things - it just made sense. I was thinking that the surprise ending could have been how the two of them "came back together" to be one or something. It would explain why Louise seemed a bit crazed, and how she wanted to help Adele, because it would have been Adele wanting to help herself. Obviously parts of the story didn't add up with that, but that's all I could think about! Definitely crazy how it ended though - I knew SOMETHING had to be up with them, but I couldn't put my finger on it!

Behind Her Eyeslitzwhip (9)

I enjoyed the book too! I think the title is telling, but not so much that you can really get guess at the ending. As the book progressed, I had a feeling about Louise/Adele, but once I got to that point and saw how many pages were left I was taken aback about what the possible ending could be. I want to re-read it though, now knowing what happens, because I feel it'll allow me to see new things based on the characters actions. I too am curious about Adam and Ian, but not so much that I think a whole other book needs to be written.