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The Clockmaker's Daughterndarty (17)

I'm 250 pages in and struggling. The writing is good. The time jump doesn't bother me, it is the re reading of parts to figure out who the chapter is about. I want to keep going, but I'm bored. I am at the point were can't say were its headed, half way thru and still being introduced to new characters that honestly I can't find any reason for some of them.

The Summer Wivesndarty (17)
Terrible BOTM choice

I love historical fiction, but this was just so boring. Very predictable. I didn't care for any of the characters. Took me forever to get though, I kept hoping it would get better. Super disappointed that this was what I chose for my botm

Circendarty (17)

I'm having a hard time with it too. I don't find it awful to where I just need to stop reading it. Its interesting but definitely not fast paced.

The Wife Between Usndarty (17)

It was two different books in one. The first part was good. But she was so upset about Richard and his new soon to be wife that the second half made no sense. She acts so desperately destroyed that he moved on and then we find out she planned it. What? Honestly I liked the second half better. The idea that she was "trapping" another woman to get away from him was a new and different plot line. In my opinion that's what they should have focused on.

Also I kept thinking Maureen was going to be his other wife and they were in an open marriage sort of situation. The sister/brother seemed weird.

The Wife Between Usndarty (17)

It was a fast read. At first i thought wow this is the same as every other thriller with women. Always addicted to something and in a bad relationship. Half way thru it changed to women were trapping other women to get out of the relationship. This was a new type of story line. However I think they should have played more on that. Like kate trapping vanessa, vanessa trapping emma.

Also Vanessa needed way more tragedy to make her so scared. I feel like something more had to happen to be that scared of the world.

Bonfirendarty (17)

I agree. Went to a small town high school. Took me back 15 years. I enjoyed it

Future Home of the Living Godndarty (17)

I'm struggling with this one. I'm about 50 pages in and I'm finding it a tedious read. I have to keep going back and rereading things because I'm not sure who she's talking to, herself or someone else. Is anyone else having these problems? I was excited about this but I feel like I can't get in to it. I know I'm only in 50 pages or so but does it get better?

Emma in the Nightndarty (17)

I thought Hunter or Mr. Martin did something to Emma. Never thought it would have been the mom

ndarty (17)
That really surprised me too. Never would have guessed Mom killed her
Emma in the Nightndarty (17)

I thought Cass was telling her story thru the alter-ego. She felt like she escaped the narcissistic behavior, but the way Cass told her story led me to believe otherwise. She disappears and the re-appears just to take down Mrs. Martin, yeah she didn't escape that behavior.

The Blindsndarty (17)

I'm on page 228. Had the same problem at first. The more I read thru the novel the more the people make sense.

The Childndarty (17)

Yes... I so wanted Emma to not be Alice but her half sister instead. Maybe Jude gave Alice up to adoptive parents (maybe Harry). I guess I have just read too many books and felt the author had so much she could have played with. I felt like most of kate issues were kinda fluff parts. Not sure how this could be a series it seems pretty well wrapped up.

The Sisters Chasendarty (17)

I couldn't put this one down. I loved their relationship, I also suspected there was more to it than what meets the eye. I also guessed the ending, but wasn't sure until the author revealed it. My gosh it kept me guessing.

Spoilers* What happened to Barry? He just seemed to disappear. Also I have to wonder if her cousin was really going to tell stefan the truth. I kinda didn't like that she ran away from him. Yeah he might have been shocked about Hannah but I think he would have forgiven Mary.

Since We Fellndarty (17)
Well hmm


Ok first I enjoyed this book. I was really drawn to Rachel. At first I didn't really understand why a breakdown that went viral was so upsetting that she could no longer function. I knew there had to be more to that story. I Got to the 2 part and really wasn't sure where it was going. Now the twist gets interesting. I really didn't expect that. Honestly I was really expecting something else. I got to the ending and thought it was fell flat. Maybe it was just me, but I felt like it just ended with nothing.

Again I did like the book. But I guess I was expecting more from Dennis Lehane because Shutter island was amazing.

American Warndarty (17)

I know why she did it! But losing your family can destory someone. She knows that All to well. She made no attempt to save his parents.