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Golden Childfuchs7 (8)

This is a great review. Exactly how I felt as well. I wish he would have at least discussed it with Joy and Peter because they had to live with it as well, but he didn't. And now they had to suffer for the death of their son/brother.

No Exitfuchs7 (8)
Slightly Disappointed

SPOILERS I was slightly disappointed with this book. I liked it, but I, like many others it appears, thought it was going to be a "whodunit" kind of book. So I was disappointed that we found out so soon who was involved. I was also really disappointed that Jay was the one that ended up killing Ashley. I think after everything she had been through, at 9 years old, that should not have been on her. I think after everything Darby went through, she should've been "awarded" that.

I was also really confused with the end of the book. I definitely was under the impression that Darby had died and Jay and her family had gone to visit her grave. It wasn't until Jay asked her about her relationship with her mother that I realized she still survived. And then I had to go back and read the epilogue again to make sure I was understanding it right.

I think this book could have been amazing, but the author just didn't take it in a very good direction.

One Day in Decemberfuchs7 (8)
LOVED this book!

I loved this book. I intentionally picked this because I wanted a romantic story to read right before Christmas and this was definitely that. Laurie and Jack had a love that most people can only hope for. It was beautifully written and such a feel-good story for the holiday.

An Anonymous Girlfuchs7 (8)
Really Enjoyed It!

I really enjoyed this book. It started off a little slow for me, but it got to the point of not being able to put it down. I always get visions of what books might be like before reading them and this was nothing of what I was expecting! I loved all the twists and I just got to a point where I didn't know what was coming next!

An American Marriagefuchs7 (8)

I agree with so much of your review. My biggest thing about Celestial and Andre's relationship is that they claim it wasn't out of convenience, yet, they knew each other basically their whole lives and as soon as Roy is gone THAT'S when they get together?? Come on now...that doesn't even make sense that it's not out of convenience! I was happy that Roy was happy at the end because he's the one who truly deserved the happiness after everything he went through, but I was not okay with Celestial being happy. She was so selfish the whole book.

Nine Perfect Strangersfuchs7 (8)

I will keep that in mind if there are other's of hers that come up!