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Lies She ToldAshleighTodd (2)
A Post of Unpopular Opinions. Spoilers, kinda.

So I super liked this pick. Hang with me here. The storyline was excellent. I'm a sucker for stories within stories (another one of my favorite BOTM picks was The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo). I hate reading easy books, with easy characters, following an easy storyline. I love fully adopting a book and feeling like the characters are my crazy co-worker. This book gave me all of that. That being said, it could be better. I mean, did someone really have to have a pounding headache on every other chapter? Was I the only one who also felt a little headache coming on afterwards? While the idea that her psychological being was off, which allowed her to create these deep, hurting characters it was the most unlikely portion of a more than likely story. It felt like the dramatisation of an episode of Forensic Files up until that point.
Also, randomly, the fact that the names Liza and David are names of internet celebrities seemed a bit shallow and not an accident.

Please, give me more to think about it. I read this book front to back in about a day and a half. I was a fast read to get to the end to see if my prediction was correct (it was). I'm still digesting and I super want to hear what everyone else thinks.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoAshleighTodd (2)

I had the same reaction. I had to put the book down a minute and recover. I feel like it was a good ending though -- like the whole book built up to this devastating realization and it didn't disappoint. Well, it was sad and disappointing but I felt like the build up was worth it.