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When Katie Met CassidyAnge (4)

I completely agree. Why didn’t anyone just suggest, hey maybe you like men and women? And yeah what was it about Katie? But it was definitely just a enjoyable book, just nothing really special and I didn’t get any gratification once I finished it. Wanted more detail and depth. I felt like it came up short at certain times. Oh well

When Katie Met CassidyAnge (4)
Wanted more depth

I really did enjoy this. But it was nothing more than a quick read. I couldn’t get invested in the characters the way I wanted. I wanted more detail at certain times. I was happy to read a good LGBTQ romance but i was more excited to read it and then was sort of happy when I finished it so I could start something new. I would still recommend it to others who wanted a easy, simple and sweet book that they could read over a weekend or pull an all nighter. 3/5 for me.

The Silent PatientAnge (4)
Zero complaints

I really have nothing bad to say about this book. I haven't been a fiction reader for long and have really only been into nonfiction. I have only been a member since December. However, I couldn't put this book down and finished it in two days. I was really shocked with the twist at the end and it was far off from what my personal theory was. I thought it was really great! I really can't find a reason to not give it 5/5.

The Silent PatientAnge (4)

I have about 60 pages left in The Silent Patient and the ONLY reason I am not reading it right now is because I'm at work. It is really good, the book flows great and keeps you wanting to get to the end and get to the bottom of everything! so for for me a 4.5/5