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Since We FellRockward832 (3)

Yes! The hallucination in the scene was particularly misplaced. Also.. this was the perfect opportunity for her to just come clean with the detective and rid herself of Brian, Caleb and the all scam. I'm not sure why she was hesitant to tell the detectives the truth even if she did think she killed Brian at the time.... wouldn't it be considered self defense since he was pointing the gun at her? He was the one with the double life and multiple scams in place while she was the "innocent shut-in wife" ?

Since We FellRockward832 (3)

Yeah, that makes sense for sure. It also bothered me that she forgave Brian so quickly. At one point, I thought she was going to screw everyone (Brian, Caleb, Haya, etc) over and figure out how to keep the money for herself and start a whole new life somewhere far away where no one knew about all her past insecurities and mommy/daddy issues..... OR she'd use it to go back to Haiti and but then she just decided to stick with Brian and let him take control.