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The MunicipalistsSailorMoon (4)

Glad I'm not the only one who immediately thought of Bender and Hermes based on the description. Still interested to see where this goes, though.

The Night TigerSailorMoon (4)
Adored This

I can only say that I adored this book. Far more than I was expecting to. I got goosebumps at two different points while reading it! I didn't find it slow at all. I devoured it in a couple of days. I'm planning to go back and read the author's first book, Ghost Bride.

The MunicipalistsSailorMoon (4)
Outside my usual area

I chose this book, in part, because it sounds pretty far afield of what I usually read. I'm honestly not big into sci-fi, I'm more of a historical fiction person. That said, I'm a huge nerd and work in an area where AI plays an enormous role. Excited to dig in and see where it takes us. It's apparently humorous at points, and I could use a bit of humor right now!

Anyone familiar with this author's other work?

The Age of LightSailorMoon (4)
Sometimes history is stranger than fiction

I wasn't initially very keen on this book when I first cracked it open, but I was surprised how much I ended up enjoying it.

Lee is a complicated person, and not in a way that I found trite or hackneyed. Scharer did an excellent job characterizing a woman changed by various traumas, but also remaining so much herself.

Perhaps the aspect I appreciated most was that this novel sparked my interest in reading about the actual people involved. Age of Light focuses on a small part of Lee Miller's truly amazing life, and there is so much more to it than we're able to glimpse through this novel (although what we do see here is very well crafted). There were moments I caught myself thinking "this must be artistic license here", and then I'd do a bit of research only to find out that those moments were utterly grounded in fact.

A good read. Relatively quick, enjoyable to work through, and a lovely inspiration to delve a little deeper into the fascinating life of a woman - like so many others - conveniently forgotten by history.