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Since We FellCillaRey (3)

Maybe the author didn't know how to get into the mind of a woman as well as he thought he could? I appreciated her coming out of her anxiety, however I did think it was all too quick and matter of fact, like I know how to scuba, shoot guns, and pack a getaway bag.

Since We FellCillaRey (3)

Yes, I agree! One of the main reasons I stayed with the book was because I thought there would be a tie in with her mother and father at the end! For some reason, I thought Brian had info when he did investigate who her Father could be. I was hoping his info would reveal either who her Father actually is/ or why her mother died/ possibly why she "killed herself". Her mom was such a big part of her psyche in the first half of the book, and then boom, no more mom issues. Aside from the twist of Brian being a conman, I wanted an even bigger twist of who her parents were!