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Fierce KingdomBexTerefe (6)

I actually really l liked this book, maybe because Lincoln reminded me so much of my best friend's son so all I could picture was her protecting him in a horrifying situation - it made it easier to relate.

The choice she had to make over keeping Lincoln safe vs. taking that baby with them was heartbreaking for me. I'd like to say I would have taken the baby but when it means a high-risk gamble of my 3-year old's life, who knows what I'd have done? That felt very real to me.

If I have any critique it's that the other character's stories provided no closure. I started caring about the teenage girl and the school teacher - I was intrigued by the shooter, but their stories just kind of ended anticlimactically. I also wish there was some more development of the third shooter. I wanted to meet him, to be scared by him. That being said, I get that this wasn't a book about the shooters. It was about a mother doing everything she can to protect her son in a scenario that's become commonplace in America, and I think the author told that story well.

4/5 stars.

The Girl with the Lower Back TattooBexTerefe (6)

HI Mary-Ann. Thanks for responding! I am aware of who the Latin Kings are - I was just saying that I found it a little off-putting that she referred to this group of Latin men as gang-members. I didn't see any clear evidence of that in the text, other than that they were pretty quiet/scared and hesitant to call the cops but if a hysterical girl and her violent boyfriend ran into my home, I'd probably react the same way they did. Also, calling the cops doesn't always work out for POC. Maybe I missed something, though?

The Girl with the Lower Back TattooBexTerefe (6)

I thought the ending of the book - listing congressmen/women who have taken money from the NRP was AWESOME. Proverbial mic-drop. I knew that she was deeply affected by the shooting at her movie, but I had no idea just HOW deeply. I'm a gun-control advocate myself, but even if I weren't I could at least respect her for using her celebrity as a platform.

The Girl with the Lower Back TattooBexTerefe (6)

Was anyone else taken aback by Amy's recanting of the night she and her ex (thank GOD) got into that horrible fight? When she described the room filled with Hispanic or Latin men, she made the jump that they were in a gang. A large part of what drew her to that conclusion was that they got very quiet and didn't want her to call the cops. My immediate instinct was that they were likely undocumented or didn't want to be blamed or involved in the story, not that they MUST have been criminals. I wasn't enthralled with her calling them the Latin Kings - did anyone else feel this way? Or did I maybe miss something?

Dark MatterBexTerefe (6)

Jason was 100% Bradley Cooper for me! I subconsciously subbed in Ben Afleck occasionally, to be honest. Daniella was absolutely Selma Hayek. I like Emma Stone for Amanda! I would also take Jennifer Lawrence because J Law and Bradley are meant to be on the silver screen together.

The Girl with the Lower Back TattooBexTerefe (6)

That was my exact reaction reaction! I identified with that part so strongly because while I crave human interaction, I equally crave solitude. It was nice knowing I wasn't the only one with a check in both columns.