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The Silent PatientTKKKKB (31)

Funny, those are two I ordered - I got both! But my wife and I share so....

Sweet Little LiesTKKKKB (31)

I hated it. Just a bunch of miserable people who complain about everything. Very boring just didn't care what was happening to any of them. DNF for me.

Sweet Little LiesTKKKKB (31)

You made it to the ending? I got just past page 50 and I couldn't take it anymore. It went straight from my nightstand to the donate pile. A story about a bunch of miserable people who just complain about everything.

The Line That Held UsTKKKKB (31)

I had never heard of this author prior to buying this book, but I will definitely be checking out at least one of his other books at the library. This, to me, was one of the best books I ever read - and I read constantly.

The Woman in the WindowTKKKKB (31)

I feel exactly the same way about this book! I read some, but not all, of the recent Woman Who Drinks Too Much "unreliable narrator" books and I have either thought they were just okay or disliked them. This book, like you said, was not perfect, but I enjoyed it by far more than others with the similar take. This was like an old black and white suspense movie; you can just picture one of those old stars from the 1940's playing this role with a drink in one hand, cigarette in the other, trying her best not to go totally insane. Well done, in my opinion.

The Music ShopTKKKKB (31)

I enjoyed this book as well. It was a 'feel good' book which we all need sometimes. I have borderline hoarding tendencies with music of all formats, and books, so this book was soooo me! But the way Frank was able to talk about the music - I'm like YES! YES! I remember this! It's been replaced with constant bickering and arguing of kids...but I would never trade that.

The characters were all a bit odd but likable, I was thinking Frank was like the 40-year old virgin, but then the flashbacks with Frank helped us understand why he was a bit broken.

What I really enjoyed from this book was the community and how everyone pulled together. All in all I thought this was a great book and a nice break from the books that make us angry or my usual favorite mystery/thriller genre.

Little Fires EverywhereTKKKKB (31)

I hope there is a sequel!

Fierce KingdomTKKKKB (31)

She didn't remember him at first, but then she remembered how he liked to help with the bulletin board. I think i breathed a sigh of relief when she said that. The only part of this book that I didn't understand and really made me pause and question was the loud music at the trash can. Why was it so loud there? If Robby and Mark were playing with the sound system, fine, but there was no explanation. I really liked this book. What I enjoyed most about it was how the suspense began immediately and pretty much continued throughout.

Goodbye, VitaminTKKKKB (31)

I couldn't agree more. I didn't actually purchase this through BOTM - my box was already full - so I picked it up at the library. Some books tend to be long winded and I start skimming a bit or I lose focus temporarily, but not here. I was totally drawn in. Great book.

A Million JunesTKKKKB (31)

You mean Dark Matter? If so, I read that a few months ago and although I don't normally read sci-fi, that book was excellent. I highly recommend it.

The Impossible FortressTKKKKB (31)

I loved this book too! The 80s references were fun, but even aside from that, the story had me hooked from the start. During the heist and even the break-in at the school my eyes were wide and my hand was physically covering my mouth, that's when you know you're reading a good book. This one exceeded my expectations.

Exit WestTKKKKB (31)

Absolutely. Same here.

The PossessionsTKKKKB (31)

Yes, I did read Behind Her Eyes. I thought it was pretty good. Entertaining is a word I use to describe it.

PachinkoTKKKKB (31)

Wow, I know. I thought it was poorly written and I did not like it at all.

The Stranger in the WoodsTKKKKB (31)

I really think he was torn. All along he knew the difference between right and wrong, but became desperate and had to survive. He could have surrendered and seeked help, but his mind refused to allow that to happen because of the social consequences that would follow.

The Stranger in the WoodsTKKKKB (31)

I just finished this book today and I truly enjoyed it. It was interesting and intelligently written. My favorite quote was on page 68, "It's better to be tough than strong, better to be clever than intelligent." Good choice, Liberty.

The Stranger in the WoodsTKKKKB (31)

I live around DC and Baltimore. Trust me, many people walk for doing far worse than what Chris did.

Exit WestTKKKKB (31)

Same here. We've heard the stories of how people in the U.S. traveled west in the 19th century and everything they encountered and I was excited to get a look at what modern day refugees encounter. In Exit West if they don't like where they're at, they just walk through a door and BAM they're somewhere else. So much was too convenient, too. On the Greek island the doors were guarded, but Nadia makes friends with a business associate in town, which we were told earlier they weren't permitted to enter, the smoke weed, and the next day the girl takes all three of them on her scooter (trying to picture this with two of them carrying full backpacks) to a door with guard and no one around. Sigh...I did not like this book at all.

The PossessionsTKKKKB (31)

Have to give you three of my favorites : Dark Matter, A Gentleman in Moscow, and Pachinko. All excellent.

Behind Her EyesTKKKKB (31)

I didn't really feel that way. I think another way to look at it is lgbt people are just like everyone else; and bad people come in all varieties. So I think that if books have an lgbt character and occasionally that character is the bad person, that's a good thing...it's realistic.

PachinkoTKKKKB (31)

I felt the same way when I saw Exit West and after reading reviews on Goodreads I decided to give it a shot. It's in my March box along with A Stranger in the Woods.

PachinkoTKKKKB (31)

I, too, am usually intimidated by longer books. At a store or library I tend to avoid them and gravitate toward the quick kills. I always assume there will be a few dry spots, repetition, I'm skimming, and so on. Not the case with Pachinko. It could be a thousand pages and I wouldn't mind - it's that good.

PachinkoTKKKKB (31)
A Favorite

I got a few books this month and I'm 2/3 of the way through Pachinko and I had to jump on here and say that this book is everything I hoped it would be and a lot more.

I'm a guy who loves crime/detective books, but every once in a while I like to throw in a good fiction novel - just a plain old good story. Pachinko is exactly what I was looking for. It's humble, intelligent, well crafted, heartfelt, and so many other things. I cannot wait to pass this along to my wife. Great choice!

Homesick for Another WorldTKKKKB (31)

I also got this as a gift - June was my first month. I agree that this was an odd choice for BOTM since so few people would enjoy reading about the life of perverts, etc. However, if you enjoy different, but interesting, I recommend adding 'Dark Matters', offered several months ago, to a future box. Imagine if 'Back to the Future' had been written by Stephen King - it's sort of like that. It was very good and I don't usually gravitate toward sci-fi. Just my thoughts.

Homesick for Another WorldTKKKKB (31)

I skipped as well, KANKRUM3. This was mainly because 'Homesick' appeared to be the only non-gender-specific choice. I get that - I realize a very small number of subscribers are male - and this book, after reading a sample via another website, seemed like ripple being offered at a wine of the month club. I'll probably add 'Boxfish' to a future box though since it appears to be simply a damn good story and the people who enjoyed it are in the majority.

Every Man a MenaceTKKKKB (31)

I made it to a portion of part 2 and haven't picked it up since. I was not into it either. Your comment about Grand Theft Auto was on the money. I should have researched this a little better. It was like being there and hanging out with the scum of the earth. I think I expected a balance of characters, someone in the mix who was a 'good guy' or something. It was just not my thing. I did, however, keep it, with the page marked, thinking maybe I just need to read it a section at a time and go back to it later.

A Gentleman in MoscowTKKKKB (31)

I didn't pick up on this either, but now that you mention it, you're right. Interesting!

I finished this book yesterday and loved it. It's now on my wife's 'to read' queue of books.

A Gentleman in MoscowTKKKKB (31)

I agree! I'm so glad I chose it.

The Woman in Cabin 10TKKKKB (31)

Likewise, I took this book on a business trip and felt the same way. I remember telling my wife this book just isn't doing it for me.

Way too much focus was put on Lo's instabilities and emotional deficiencies. A lot of that could have been eliminated and instead expand the getaway action toward the end.

For instance, when the police officer stopped, she heard her name on the car radio so she ran for hours until she got to the shed. I read that portion twice thinking I missed something. Just like that, our poor, weak, battered Lo ran from the police on foot? Did the officer chase after her? Anything? It was just that easy? And if so, why?

Definitely some missed opportunities for more action and suspense.

The Woman in Cabin 10TKKKKB (31)

I agree with what you're saying. However, I thought the last 25% was the best part of the book. The first 75% was such fluffy drama. I was waiting for Lo to faint just from looking at an ice cube floating in her drink. It took me 10 days to get to Part 6 and once I got to part 6 I couldn't put it down. If only the writing style in the final 25% would have been inserted throughout and edit out some of the cheesy drama (Lo enters the deck, nearly falls overboard from the shock of air, vomits instead, Ben hugs her, she doesn't want to be seen with vomit on her sleeve) I would have enjoyed it more.