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The Silent Patientki11erpancake (7)

Advance Reader Copy. Publishers send them out to libraries, influencers, reviewers etc. for review purposes.

In the Hurricane's Eyeki11erpancake (7)

Agreed! And I didn't realize he had written another book that I really love. (In the Heart of the Sea)

The Motherski11erpancake (7)

Agree with both responses. The coping with the death of her mother, the loss of her father, the secret of the abortion, and the relationship with Luke seems to be what ate her up.

A Gentleman in Moscowki11erpancake (7)

I was too lost in the prose to notice if anything was conjured but now really want to have a mini-marathon on these films. Especially if it'll keep me in the same space that this book does for a little longer. Really great suggestions :)

A Gentleman in Moscowki11erpancake (7)

This is such a great update! I'' definitely going to keep tabs on whether he comes my way. About to finish this book and loved as well. Thanks for sharing this!

The Wangs vs the Worldki11erpancake (7)

I just finished up and definitely relate to your point. I do feel that Barbra asserts herself by taking the life she wants and living it to extent she knows how. While she didn't leave Charles she did set out to marry him and start a new life in a pretty bold way. The exchange with Leo and Graham at the end was pretty fantastic and proves she's made of stronger stuff than them. I don't think choosing to stay with a partner is anti-faminitiest but not having a choice is. Barbra definitely loved Charles and they had a lot in common even if their marriage wasn't always perfect (using all their chances).

This being said I loved Graces character and her journey over the trip. I would read a book about what happens next from her POV. Siana... at least she made a choice at the end or at least believes she did. I don't know what to feel about that arch just yet. I've babbled enough though!

Thanks for a good topic!