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Dark Matterlindsayknight (3)

Yep! I would assume. The few that were waiting at the box accepted it....they let them walk through knowing that they couldn't keep having Daniela and Charlie living in a world where they had to run away all of the time. As far as the others, I guess they get on their email portal and find out that they've moved on to a different world. I'm sure some take their lives, and others change names. I love books that make you think this much! HA

Dark Matterlindsayknight (3)

I agree! I wish Amanda's role would have been resolved. I felt when she was introduced that she and Jason may have hooked up in their world but it wasn't addressed. The way she was like "You really don't know me/remember me?" line is when I thought that. She could have shown up in another world (especially if that many Jason's showed up all over) but I guess since he was trying to get back to his old world and she was trying to make a completely new one that makes sense.