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Dark MatterJanaDeardorff (2)

That's why I love BOTM! I wouldn't have probably picked this either but I could not put it down.

Dark MatterJanaDeardorff (2)

Agreed, the only Jason who is not one of these is "Jason2" who kidnaps Jason at the beginning - the one who invented the box.

But the Jasons in this world are all ones who have lived identical lives until they (he) are (is) kidnapped by "Jason2" and end up going into the box. I thought it made the ending so sad in a way because these Jasons are all Jasons who have spent their lives with Daniela, who are Charlie's father.

I imagine it's like when you have something to say on the tip of your tongue, and you could just as easily say it or not say it. Saying a small comment may have triggered a thought to Amanda, who could have influenced what door they opened through that thought. The experiences there could have changed him slightly, he would make different choices, and on and on until there are many of him existing in infinite outcomes and worlds, but through the box, they can all find their way back to his Original outcome/Original world (the ending of the book).

While they were in the box, Jason could have said "It's cold in here" to Amanda, who would then remember being stuck in the car in the snow, and the memory would influence what door they opened, leading them to the frozen Chicago world. He could have just as easily said "I want to go home" which reminds Amanda of getting lost and wanting to go home as a child, and they might have ended up in the Chicago of her childhood instead. This would of course create one of the alternate timelines, with one Jason saying he is cold and one Jason saying he wants to go home - now you have 2 Jasons, 2 alternatives, who both eventually find their way "home" at the end of the book.