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The Girl with the Lower Back TattooKatie (4)
How I'm like ms. Schemer

Honestly I don't think there is a women out there that can't realate to this book in someway or another. If it's not the funny sexual encounters then it's the self esteem issues we all have about our bodies. There are a few things that would make Amy and I besties in another life time. 1 I too have a lower back tribal tramp stamp that I got when I was 18 2 I also have an old ugly stuffed animal from my childhood that my poor husband tolerates staying in our bed 3 the comment about small animals riding on big animals and her reference to Labyrinth .... love 4 and I am extremely interested in gun control and have done years of research on mass shooters

I love this book and defiantly will be recommending to all my girlfriends

Dark MatterKatie (4)

Same here I mostly enjoy true crime or mystery with the occasional vampire book. This was out of my realm but I am happy I picked this book as it excited my expectations. I though all the physics talk would go right over my head but I feel like the author did a great job on explaining most of the concepts.

Dark MatterKatie (4)

So I see that the multiple Jason's didn't start until Jason 1 ended up in the Box after almost getting killed in the lab. The Jason's shared the same world and the same desire to get back. There changes cames from the branching of decisions made and their experiences in the different worlds is what made them different.