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The Last Equation of Isaac SeveryKaitlin (22)

For the first 100 or so pages I could not even keep the character names straight... It definitely did not hold my interest. I did end up finishing it but it took nearly two weeks. I enjoyed books it was compared to (Mr. Penumbra's 24 Hour Library) but this was just dull. I also don't like (SLIGHT SPOILER) how the main character was book-ended by weak and unnecessary romances (beginning with an absent boyfriend and then the last scene..).

Red ClocksKaitlin (22)

You perfectly described how I felt about this book... (Except I actually really liked The Power).

The Chalk ManKaitlin (22)

Right after I finished the book I told my husband the author used a cheap excuse to get away with the plot holes... The main character talks about how there aren't always answers blah blah blah.... THAT'S NOT HOW THIS WORKS! You can't just not figure out how to close some plot holes by having the character say there are plot holes... ugh.

Future Home of the Living GodKaitlin (22)

I agree, the Mother figure was super confusing for me... but I think that works well in a dystopian novel. Dystopians are even more unsettling when there are societal/biological elements left unclear. I also agree that this book was more engaging than The Handmaid's Tale. I cared for most of the characters in this novel, which of course made it even harder to finish because I knew it wasn't going to end well. :(

Future Home of the Living GodKaitlin (22)

Yes, this is absolutely a true dystopian! I held stress in my shoulders and back the entire time I was reading this book. The entire book you're hoping for things to get better while knowing that they won't. I agree with another comment above that this book was more engaging than The Handmaid's Tale. Although the subject matter is completely different, I couldn't stop comparing this to Brave New World & 1984 (in a good way).

Beasts of Extraordinary CircumstanceKaitlin (22)
Books Like This Are Why I Subscribe to BOTM!

I can't say enough wonderful things about this book! The first book I chose when I started my subscription in 08/16 was All The Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwood. Since then I have chosen some ok books, some solidly good books, but nothing stood out to me the way my first selection did...until this month when I chosen Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance. This book was so sweet but still made me cry. It was complex without being pretentious. Most importantly, as advertised by the BOTM judge, it was a chance to escape the pressures and reality of current events and follow the lives of one extraordinary person and those who knew him.

On a side note, it also reminded me of how I felt about The Night Circus by Erin Morgernstern which is still one of my all time favorite books.

PLEASE offer more wonderful books like this! :)

Beasts of Extraordinary CircumstanceKaitlin (22)

Although this book is way different than ATUAWT, I felt similar emotions reading both stories. It's funny, as I was reading I kept thinking to myself that this book is my new favorite BOTM (before it was ATUAWT).

Beasts of Extraordinary CircumstanceKaitlin (22)

ooh yes a mini series or even a movie! I have goosebumps thinking about how great that would be!

The BlindsKaitlin (22)

Honestly the ending was cringeworthy...all the violence just seemed unnecessary and forced.

The BlindsKaitlin (22)

I pictured Hopper as Cooper too!!

A Million JunesKaitlin (22)

The end scene (apart from the letter) with all of the main characters sitting side to side on the front porch was absolutely beautiful! I'm not typically a YA fan but I think the wit of these characters (with minimal teenage angst) made this the perfect summer read. I immediately ordered the author's first book The Love That Split the World after reading this. Great job BOTM, this was an excellent choice!! My first month with BOTM I chose All The Ugly and Wonderful Things (last summer). That book ripped me apart (and I LOVED IT) but unfortunately no other BOTM selections have come close to how I felt about ATUAWT, until A Million Junes. Keep them coming!

Behind Her EyesKaitlin (22)

That was what I thought as well.

Behind Her EyesKaitlin (22)
Rob like Joe ?

I can't get this book out of my head. Today I stated drawing connections between Rob and Joe from You by Caroline Kepnes. They're both very smart sociopaths who crave romantic attention. I'm not saying this book is anything like "You". But I definitely thought Adele (Rob...) was so similar to Joe!

Pull Me UnderKaitlin (22)

I ripped through the first 75% of this book in two evenings and really enjoyed it. However it felt like it went on 30 pages too long. The end scene would have been beautiful if it was a movie with all the colors, lights, and music...but it just didn't work for me in print. Overall I really liked the book, but felt it was uneven.

Every Man a MenaceKaitlin (22)

I don't normally read thrillers or mysteries. Sure I read Gone Girl & Girl on the Train but I disliked both of them. This was a risky choice for me, but it definitely paid off! I also appreciated that it was a quick read, as I had just spent nearly 2 weeks reading a book before this.

Behold the DreamersKaitlin (22)

Yes, I absolutely loved it! I had chills and just sat and stared at it after finishing the last page. This was a great start to the Fall reading season (my favorite time of the year!)

Dark MatterKaitlin (22)

I added on All the Ugly and Wonderful Things because I knew I would regret it if I passed it by. :) I loved both almost equally (ATUAWT was just a tad better). :)

Dark MatterKaitlin (22)
What about Amanda? *SPOILER ALERT*

What did you think about Amanda's departure from the story towards the end? I was a little disappointed that the author wrote her out of the story so abruptly. I wanted to know more about her! In my mind, there wasn't a whole lot of character development in terms of the women's characters. Anyone else?

Dark MatterKaitlin (22)

SAME! It came in the mail on Saturday and I had finished it by that night. Then I immediately ordered The Pines by the same author.

Dark MatterKaitlin (22)

I think it's the only ending they could have that didn't end up with certain death... This book really messed with my head... I don't think I can speak intelligently about it because I can't quite wrap my brain around the whole thing yet. :)

All the Ugly and Wonderful ThingsKaitlin (22)

Probably a mix of both. I think Brenda was worried about Wavy's physical and mental well-being in regards to her physical and emotional relationship with an adult. In my mind, any rational adult would condemn the relationship at that stage! I even find myself conflicted about the relationship once Wavy reached adulthood.

I think there is a kernel of truth to Brenda's concerns (in particular about Wavy's adolescence being altered by the relationship with Kellan. No matter how you split it, a teenager does not have the critical thought or developed thinking in general to handle an adult relationship). Yet, I still found myself hoping for Kellan and Wavy to work out once I made it further into the book.

In the first half of the book I was on Brenda's side regarding Kellan and Wavy's relationship. It was clear that an adult man should have no interest in a child, nor should adults encourage the "crush" they believed Wavy had on Kellan. Oddly enough, I was rooting for them by the end of the book.. I think the best part of this book is that it challenges how we define right and wrong and how we all like to play armchair judge/social worker/parent/etc. I read The Girl Who Slept With God earlier this year which had similar subject matter but framed the relationship between an adult and an adolescent completely differently.

It was uncomfortable for sure to read this novel but I can't get it out of my head! Thank you so much for choosing this book for BOTM, it was my favorite read of the year. (I read it cover to cover on Sunday because I just couldn't put it down!)