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Exit WestRobyn (3)

Definitely read his other novels! Hamid has become one of all my all-time favorite authors over the past couple of years.....

Dark MatterRobyn (3)
Maybe I Missed Something....

So maybe I missed a detail because I flew through this novel so quickly; however, I'd love to pick some of your brains for your throughts....

Even when Jason was in a version of his life that wasn't bad and he and his family seemed to be happy (the version where Daniela is pregnant with their second child and he calls her on the phone), he knew it wasn't his world. Some things were "just off" (minus the obvious like the pregnancy). So I'm just wondering how so many other Jasons ended up in the main Jason's world. I could see how some of them did because they ran out of syringes or liked this version better than their own. But wouldn't some of them have these same feelings of things just not being right? That this wasn't their version?

I enjoyed the twist of more than one Jason. And I thought it was an interesting theme for Daniela and Charlie to grapple with. But how were there so many? Hundreds?

Dark MatterRobyn (3)


I am not usually one for sci-fi but after recently reading The Girl With All the Gifts (and LOVING it), I decided to give this book a shot. Wow, am I glad that I did! I read this book in a day, I could not put it down.

There is one aspect of the book that I do want to discuss that I feel wasn't explained very well or maybe I missed the explanation somehow...... But I will wait a few days to post, as I'm sure not everybody has finished quite yet.

I love a book that makes you stop and think while you're reading it. This novel is great at making you pause and ponder quite a few times (well, for me anyway).

Happy reading everyone!