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Into the WaterJess (4)

I also really liked this book and thought it was the perfect summer beach read. Honestly, I didn't even look at reviews prior to adding it to my box since I knew it would be great for the summer. I liked it better than Girl on the Train and enjoyed the shifting perspectives.

A Million JunesJess (4)

I loved Swimming Lessons and just finished Behind Her Eyes last night (it's a definite page turner, with twists, that I didn't LOVE but read in two days). Also tore through Into the Water, White Fur and Chemistry recently. Those are a nice mix of different genres.

Happy reading!

Since We FellJess (4)

YES! This was like two different books. I oddly liked the beginning way more and was seriously struggling when the "gripping" ending started. I'd rather just spend more time with Rachel if she were to have run off alone and started over.

ChemistryJess (4)
Really Loved This

I just really loved this book and think I may be drawn to this type of writing (it reminded me of the Dept of Speculation by Jenny Offill). I have a PhD in Molecular Biology and so it was almost a little hard to revisit how hard that time of my life was even though I have a mother that sounds a lot more like Eric's than the narrator's. I definitely cheered when she smashed those beakers.

It was a great diverting read and I loved the interweaving narrative that brought in science, historical anecdotes from her childhood, and the realistic description of depression and anxiety.

I've really liked the variety of selections from BOTM and try to pick those I wouldn't traditionally read, but this was kind of an easy choice for me (I also got White Fur and Into the Water in June and they were perfect beach reads).