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The Couple Next DoorKristina (2)

This was one of my first pics as well. I love crime-mystery, but this was just ok for me. It was well written and engaging, the story was good, it kept me going and yet something was missing, it was almost too textbook.

Dark MatterKristina (2)

I loved it as well and read it in a very short time period ( a day, I think). The multiple Jason's kind of threw me for a loop and that was the bit I didn't quite think plausible or interesting, When you think of it, there will be an infinity of Jason's floating in space forever now, and I don't know how I feel about that, when does it stop. I loved how the story made me think and ponder half way through about life and parallel universe and lives we could be having where anything that can possibly happen happens in some other parallel world...it gets your head spinning for sure. I wish there was something more to the plot. Also, I would have liked to see where they ended up.