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Daisy Jones & The SixKelsey (28)
So torn

I'm really torn on this book. And I feel like I'm in the minority in not all-out loving it. Every review I've seen has been amazing so I went into this thinking THIS is going to be my favorite book of 2019. Especially since I love this author's other work.

I was really digging it when I started it, I loved the way it was written and I loved how we got to hear from so many different characters. But about 1/2 way through I found myself so bored. Maybe it's because I'm not super interested in the music making process?

I just felt like it turned into the same thing on repeat- Daisy and Billy hate each other, fight, write a lyric, Daisy gets high, Billy gets mad at Daisy for being high, Eddie is mad at everyone all the time. And then little snippets from other characters. And all of this on repeat until the end of the book.

I really liked the way it ended though, it felt really satisfying. I just felt like it took a long way to get there.

I also loved all the female characters. They were so kickass and I felt like there was a woman every woman could identify with - a mother, a career gal, someone that felt lost, someone that just wanted love. I loved how badass and feminist all the women were so I loved reading about their stories.

Does anyone else feel this way? I'm glad I read it and feel that it's worth a read, I was just honestly, pretty bored in the middle section of the book and felt that it was just the same thing on repeat.

A Woman Is No ManKelsey (28)

I actually preferred it - like others said, there was so much sadness in the book, I felt it was the perfect way to end the story.

Kelsey (28)
This is so true! I never thought about the ending that way - so glad you wrote this out :)
The Mars RoomKelsey (28)
no likey

Boy did I ever dislike this book.

RainbirdsKelsey (28)

Agree! I was really excited about this book based on the synopsis and it was just so...lacking. I never felt motivated to pick it up and read and when I finished I basically forgot that I read the book.

Red ClocksKelsey (28)


Red ClocksKelsey (28)

Also very confused about how the polar explorer fit into the story... I think I missed something.

Red ClocksKelsey (28)

Oh Lord. I did not like this book on any level - I seem to be the minority here! Major things I disliked about this book:

  1. Writing style. I could not get over the choppy sentences. I was especially annoyed with the opening sentences of each chapter that seemed to just start in the middle of a sentence. It really just felt like a platform to throw out some experimental writing, which is cool, just not my thing.

  2. Characters - I did not like any of them and felt there was no character development. I didn't care about them in the slightest and rolled my eyes so many times as I read their stories. When I finished and was reflecting back on it, I felt like huge chunks of their stories could have been omitted and I would have read the same book.

  3. I struggled to find how the book even worked. The characters tied in together yes, and there were definitely some political feelings being expressed - but what was the purpose of this book? The synopsis totally intrigued me, especially in our current political climate, but I felt like the book was such a let down. I didn't feel like it really had a purpose other than making me gag on certain occasions.

I'm a woman, with woman parts and identify as a feminist. That does not mean I want to read about smelly vaginas or clapping labias...page after page.


Oy vey, this book almost made me mad to read. I'm glad others have enjoyed it, but I think I'm done selecting the BOTM 'feminist' selections after choosing this, and The Power and strongly disliking both.

The Chalk ManKelsey (28)
So many unanswered questions!

I am stumped by all the amazing reviews to this book. My friend and I both picked it as our selections - she loved it, I did not. I never felt invested, or really cared to know what happened. I just felt as if I were pushing through to finish it for the sake of finishing.

I also felt like I finished it with so many unanswered questions! Reading through some of the other discussion comments below, it looks like I missed some subtle answers but I felt like there were so many characters just kind of thrown together that didn't make a real difference in the story. Like the actual Chalk Man - Mr. Halloran (or whatever his name was), was he just thrown in there to throw us off? I felt like his character didn't really serve a purpose for the story.

I did like the writing style and the quickness of the book, but I sadly did not enjoy it.

The Chalk ManKelsey (28)

I was also very confused by this... I feel like I finished the book with SO many unanswered questions!

The Rules of MagicKelsey (28)

Totally agree with you. It was pretty darn slow at parts, and not much happened, but over time I really learned to love the characters and felt really satisfied with the ending.

The PowerKelsey (28)

Creepy dude book club - I cackled at that.

You know it's funny, I've hardly seen any criticism on this book at all - it's just been praised everywhere for being such a strong feminist piece. I'm thankful that there are other peeps out there that feel it was actually the opposite!

Little Fires EverywhereKelsey (28)
That Mrs. Richardson...

Man oh man, did I dislike Mrs. Richardson. I haven't disliked a character in a book like that in a long time! I really enjoyed reading her chapters and understanding her thought process because her choices and decisions were so horrible!

Overall, I'm torn on this book. There were parts that I loved, that I couldn't put down and then others where I found my mind drifting because I was a little bored.

Did anyone else have a hard time actually liking any of the characters? I liked Izzy but that's about it. There was even something about Mia I just didn't like. But for some reason, I just disliked the characters (Especially Mrs. R!) and had a hard time getting through the book because of that.

I'm torn, part of me really enjoyed it, but part of me didn't.

The Heart's Invisible FuriesKelsey (28)

WOW. I just finished this book last night and I am so sad to be done. My favorite book of the year thus far, by far. It's been a while since I've gotten so engrossed in the characters in a story as I did with this.

Beautiful writing, amazing character development and man, what a story.

Though the topic was hard, I laughed out loud so many times during this book. I really appreciated the humor and just loved Cyril (not Cyril II). And Ms. Goggin. And everyone else in this story.

So sad I'm done reading it. My favorite BOTM pick by far.

The LeaversKelsey (28)
Couldn't get into it...

I was really excited to dive into this book as I love family sagas, and love books about families from different cultures. But...for some reason I just could not get into the book or come to care for any of the characters. When I read a book like this, where the plot is primarily focused on relationships and growing up, I want to feel for the characters - love or hate them, I want to care about them in some way. I just didn't get that with this book which bummed me out.

I did enjoy the writing of the story and it was a quick read. Ultimately though, I closed the book feeling disappointed and disengaged.

To be fair, Pachinko is a really hard book to follow, so maybe if I hadn't just read that beautiful story, I would have connected more with this one.

MarlenaKelsey (28)

I agree with that. I also felt a lot of it was left fairly vague and we didn't know what happened. Like when Cat found her mom after the date with Bolt passed out on the bed or what was going on between Marlena and her father. Maybe that was intentional but I felt like there were something I just was confused about.

MarlenaKelsey (28)

You point on the last chapter about Marlena makes a lot of sense. When I saw it was titled Marlena and thought it was going to be from her view point I was hoping we would get a glimpse in to what happened that last day she was alive. I really assumed that was going to be it - that she was going to talk about her day and how she ended up dying the way she did.

Perfect Little WorldKelsey (28)
So sad to finish

Man did I love this book. I really did not want it to end and would love to see a sequel following the families outside the compound.

The characters were all so intersting and I loved learning about Preston's childhood. I admit I thought the method he was brought up in was real and searched for it on google! I would also of loved to read more about his new study, following the other people who were raised in it.

Such a good story and the writing was terrific. I felt satisfied by the ending, even though it wrapped up easily.

Lucky YouKelsey (28)
Felt Dirty after reading?

Did anyone else feel physically dirty after reading this book? I'm still trying to process through how I felt about it. Part of me liked it, and felt that certain parts really resonated with me, the other half didn't understand the point of the story at all. But maybe that was the point? That there is not point to a lot of things in life?

Despite whether or not I liked it, it made me feel dirty and in need of a shower.

Lucky YouKelsey (28)

I totally agree - I got a Charles Manson vibe to Autry and was kind of disappointed when it didn't go that way.

Pull Me UnderKelsey (28)

Totally agree with you! I was really surprised when I finished that such an intense, dramatic story line was just so....boring? I never felt connected to the characters and the storytelling itself didn't reel me in at all.

The Fall GuyKelsey (28)

I came here to see if anyone else felt the same way about the food descriptions! I'm pretty sure I know what they had for dinner every single night that summer, and who fancied what.

All the Ugly and Wonderful ThingsKelsey (28)

I totally agree with you! I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about this. During the entire book I kept having to stop and ask myself, "wait, should I feel happy about this or no?" I mean she was 8 when they met! In any case, what a tragic and beautifully written love story.