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Dark MatterAlyssa (1)
Mind = Blown!

After reading the excerpt/summary/teaser for this book, I knew I was...interested...but hesitant. I'm always hesitant regarding new, modernistic, sci-fi as it has a different flavor than the sci-fi I know and love. But whoa...this book was amazing. I was hooked from moment one, even though he (Crouch) doesn't let you in on what is happening until much later in the book. It kept me on the edge of my seat, and constantly looking forward to what could possibly happen next. I love the editorial construct, and the guessing game that was this book. It was truly a fantastic read and I will be recommending it. I think I read it in two days? This was my first BOTM purchase, and if they keep up like this - I'm going to be signing up for the years subscription. Can't wait for the next book!!