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A Woman Is No ManHG (13)
One of the Best Books I've Ever Read

Let me collect my emotions before I begin a discussion.. In all honesty, I had to come to this board for the ending to be explained a little better for me.. but once it was, it only confirmed my appreciation for the brilliance of this first time novelist. I learned so much about the Palestinian culture and am wondering how much of this still rings true in 2019...

Every BreathHG (13)
Not the Best, but Still Good

Since I am used to the writing style of Sparks, I figured when reading the synopsis that the story would be unraveled with exquisite details of the characters individual lives and emotions. While there was some background of the two main characters given, there was not the usual context into their lives before meeting one another. If we are being completely honest, I also felt they fell in love too quickly. There was not much development of their relationship or the seeking out one another. With the "soul-mate" kind of love they have, the quickness of their relationship made it seem almost not believable.

When I reached part II of the novel, I was more engaged. Without revealing too much in my review, I enjoyed the chance to figure out what happened during the "lost time". However, some of the continued details of the characters happened too quickly and were almost unbelievable. There were times in the end of the story, especially when finding out what happened to Tru, that I almost rolled my eyes. I enjoyed Hope's relationship with her parents and related to some of her feelings. I do, however, wish the story about Tru's father and mother was more in-depth and played a bigger part of the novel.

With all that being said, I did like this book, but held my expectation high because of Spark's other pieces of work.

The Silent PatientHG (13)
I need a break from thrillers..

This book would have been awesome for me.. except I just read "No Exit" and "Nine Perfect Strangers" so I was expecting a plot twist. The book kept me intrigued and I read it within one day. I loved everything about the setting and the characters emotional tragedies.. but because the way the narration was written I felt like the plot twist could have been explained better. Overall it was a really good book, I think I just need a break from thrillers and books with psycho main characters. I would recommend this to a friend though!

The Silent PatientHG (13)

Because of the narration perspectives, it confused me because I was thinking of the story happening in current day.. So then when the plot-twist happened my dates of events happening was all screwed up..

GhostedHG (13)
Okay... I loved it.

I read this book outside of BOM and absolutely adored Sarah's character... The author led you to feel the emotions every character experienced and I loved all of their individual journeys! I could have never seen the plot twist of the letters coming.. and I'm usually pretty good at predicting things! This was a great book and the ending kept me even more intrigued to finishing it. I read this book in a day! Loved every second and will recommend it to friends.

No ExitHG (13)

It was confusing because in the chapter before the ending it basically said that Darby died. Idk.. the more I reflect over this book.. the less I realized I liked it..

One Day in DecemberHG (13)
Best Book of 2018

I never read romance novels because sometimes they’re too sappy and predictable... but this book was absolutely wonderful and one of my favorite I’ve ever read! There were so many lessons about friendship, growth, forgiveness, and growing up inside these pages.. the romance was just an added benefit! I loved each character individually. This was an easy one/two day read.. especially on the plane. What a great pick!

No ExitHG (13)
The ending..?

I loved Darby's character. The author did a great job at making you root for her to keep persevering! It was easy to distinguish between heroes and villains and how your opinion towards them should be. There were definitely twists and turns that kept me on my toes. I read this book so quickly.. because I always wanted to see what happened next! The end kind of confused me though when they were in the cemetery.. Did Darby survive or was Jay just talking to her grave?

Nine Perfect StrangersHG (13)

I thought that was the grandkid of Frances?? Not really sure.. Lol.

For Better and WorseHG (13)
Wow I read that fast!

I read this book after 'Nine Perfect Strangers' which was refreshing because this was such a quick read! The whole story kept me intrigued so much so that I couldn't put it down. A lot of the discussions say they are upset the husband was cheating - but it looks like he might get what is coming to him! Crazy ending - I don't care if it is realistic or not.

I thought at first that Natalie was just being a protective mom - but the end made me laugh because it showed she might have turned crazy! I wish the beginning about their relationship was tied in more - since it started with their first date and then just gave the plot of the story.


Nine Perfect StrangersHG (13)

I feel like our reviews were pretty similar :) Maybe it should've been 5 strangers instead of 9!

Nine Perfect StrangersHG (13)
I'm Not Sure if I Liked It!

I've never read any of this author's books.. so this was my first time with her work. I'm caught between "that was a really fun book" and "did I actually like it"? I liked how different all the characters were and how relate-able each issue they were struggling with was in today's world. They all were so unique, and she described them perfectly. However, in the amount of description, I feel like the story plot kind of got lost.. the end was great, but it was a slow build-up to get there.. I loved Frances and Zoe. I also loved Tony's character and how it ended up "not even being terminal". Masha kind of reminded me of a cult leader.. and when I got that image in my head, I couldn't get it out haha. But I LOVED the summary of every character after the "retreat ended".


Nine Perfect StrangersHG (13)

I agree. After finishing it I was like "did I like that book"? Masha reminded me of a cult leader.. and once I got that perception in my head, I couldn't get it out. The end was really good - but it seemed rushed since it took so long to get there.. Reading into the characters, I did like how the author gave everyone such a real story with issues that are so current in people's lives today.