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The Last Time I LiedMeghanKennedy (5)

Saw the error too! But I personally think that the whole "Missing Lottie" scenario was just a ploy to divert us from the must unpredictable conclusion... Vivian left Camp Nightingale. I don't think we were meant to have as many cliffhangers on other possible threads... but it's annoying that none of them were tied up and we have to accept them for what they are -__-

The Last Equation of Isaac SeveryMeghanKennedy (5)
Confused On How I Feel

I had a very, very difficult time starting this book... I quickly put together a family tree (which seriously helped!) just to understand the family break-down. However, as time went on, I had to re-read a few sections because I wasn't sure if the depth of mathematicians works came into play with Issac's equation... aka whenever we were in a Phillip moment, he just kept reflecting (briefly, but many of time) to other theorists and things which I thought went on for a bit...

(SPOILER) Am I the only one who thought that end-all of the equation being solved, (but not really?) and underlying open-ended ending, basically defeated the end of the novel...? Not sure how I feel is all... although I agree with other folks below, the writing was pretty great. Attention to character development and detail was very well done. I do not live in L.A. and thought that the scenic descriptions were fantastic! Not over the top, not too like '5 pages about a sun set' or what have you. Overall, okay plot line, too confusing at times but well written.

A Million JunesMeghanKennedy (5)

i was annoyed that we even got access to the family tree prior to Jack The First... it made things confusing; especially in the end when June kept jumping back and forth as many times as she did...

Into the WaterMeghanKennedy (5)

i have to agree, i feel like it was stereotyped points of view and too many at that. i was flipping through pages quickly because it seemed like a big reveal was underway... but what i hoped you weren't predicting was the ultimate end result. well-written. the character development wasn't really there due to so many points of view. i didn't care for Erin at all.

Homesick for Another WorldMeghanKennedy (5)
Creepy, Boring Yet Inviting

I am not the one to sit down and read a book of short stories. Although, in high school I was a huge Poe fan. Moshfegh was unpredictable with some of the stories she had- so much so that a few of the tales left me in awe and where others left me feeling dismal. I really think that the stories picked up pace towards the end because the underlying theme started to arise... all the characters longing for an 'unidentified something'... good read all together. I would definitely read another Moshfegh book again.