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The Woman in the Windowmcchelsea (4)

I was scanning this discussion board looking for a post about Punch. Glad to find fellow cat/animal lovers out there who were wanting to know what the heck happened to Punch!!

Dark Mattermcchelsea (4)

Bradley Cooper is definitely a perfect Jason. I would cast Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) as Daniela, she fits the description perfectly!!

Behind Her Eyesmcchelsea (4)
Should this be a movie? I think YES!

OKAY. So i just finished and I am on the team who loved loved loved the ending. I'm still recovering, actually. I was surprised to see such mixed reactions! But nonetheless a thought I had throughout the entire book is: this would be a GREAT movie. Am I wrong, guys??

I want to hear all opinions. Since there were so many neat dream sequences I think this novel could be a good movie and the twist would have audiences reeling, in my opinion. For some reason I kept imagining Shay Mitchell (Emily from Pretty Little Liars) being the perfect Adele for some reason. What do you think? :)

All the Ugly and Wonderful Thingsmcchelsea (4)

I put this in my box since it was chosen as Book of the Year but am so disappointed in this winner too!! Glad I'm not alone!!