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Since We FellMelAlex123 (5)

The fact that the second half is so drastically different from the first half is one of the things I really liked about this book! It was almost as if reading two books in one.

No ExitMelAlex123 (5)

I had to reread the end a couple times myself, I came to the conclusion that she survived. The grave stone with Darby's last name on it is referring to Darby's mother's grave.

The Silent PatientMelAlex123 (5)
Change of pace

I was torn as well! I decided to go with Golden Child. I love thrillers and the majority of the books I have gotten from BOTM are thrillers, to the point where they all start to blend together... So I figured a change of pace would be refreshing.

The Clockmaker's DaughterMelAlex123 (5)

Oh got it. Thank you!