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Fierce KingdomJesssssssie (2)

I got the idea that it was loudest at the trash cans because that was where the speakers were mounted.(?) That little baby has kept me up at night with worry!

I had told myself that I didn't want to read any fiction about active shooters, but as soon as a I read this book's description I knew I had to pick it. I was immediately drawn into the mother's struggle to protect herself in a place she knew so well. I feel like the author showed us so much of Joan's panic through her daydreams, like her mind was uncontrollably running away from her. I also liked the way Joan was real and not perfect. She didn't immediately start protecting all of the children and teenagers she came across in the park.

I was very interested in the character of Mrs. Powell. I am about to start my 12th year teaching and i know the feeling of silencing a too loud child with a single look or soft touch.

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn HugoJesssssssie (2)

I reached for my phone more than once to google pictures of Evelyn and Celia in these old movies! I truly loved her writing and I liked that while Monique's character did have a nice arc and development the focus was all Evelyn.