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An Absolutely Remarkable Thingaltbecca (2)

I agree! What was the point of this book? Some lesson about being wary of societal pressure in media etc etc... it had such a cool premise, I wish it had spent more time exploring what it meant for the Carls to have landed and why the dreamscape was there. And answered if April spoiler actually died? Or she somehow came back to life and is writing this book, and made Andy write his perspective of the end? It left me with so many questions, and not in a fun way.

The Possessionsaltbecca (2)

They never really explain what the lotus pills are, so I don't know if they're dangerous by themselves per se. But the book mentions that the spirit can refuse to give up the body, which can be pretty dangerous! As I was reading the book I just assumed that the lotus pills were some kind of crazy strong relaxer or benzo which could be addictive but again, they really really explain what the pills are or how they work.