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Since We Fellgeni91782 (2)

Man, I would have enjoyed that so much more than what was actually written.

Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walkgeni91782 (2)
Enjoyable Read!

I want to start off by saying I did enjoy this book. The writing was engaging and witty, much like the main character, Lillian Boxfish. Though a bit slow, I still found myself completely wrapped up in her story. The fact that this story was based off the life of a real woman, Margaret Fishback, made me like it even more in the end. I think, however, that I would have enjoyed a book that focused on young Lillian a bit more. Though I enjoyed the chapters focused on the Lillian on 1984 walking the streets of New York, I found them a bit repetitive. She meets a random stranger, they talk about really personal things, and she's off again. I feel like it was a way to bring important issues of the time (rising crime rates, the AIDS epidemic, etc) but there was never enough time spent on them to make it compelling. What I really wanted to learn more about was how young Lillian fought to her place of prominence at R.H. Macy's. From the little snippets we get, I was left hungry for more. Still, this book was good book to pick up at the end of the day and unwind. It kept me interested and I there were parts that genuinely thrilled me. This was my first BOTM pick and I picked it solely because it's not my usual kind of book. I'm certainly glad that I did.