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The Lying GameCarissa (4)

Definitely agree! While the writing was great and detailed, the story line was very underwhelming. I thought the crime and the reason for it was just stupid. The main character doesn’t do much but worry and it took her forever to figure it out. Fatima became my favorite character. Mostly I’m annoyed by the ending. It just abruptly ended without any explanation like, did Isa and Owen stay together? What happened with the other girls? What happened with the investigation for Ambrose death? I think if you are able to make it through this annoying book you deserve a better ending that it failed to deliver.

The ChildCarissa (4)

I agree with you, I did not guess it at all either. I thought maybe they would start digging more in the area where they found the baby and find another one. I also didn't understand the relevance of the bits with Kate's life and there wasn't really much of a conclusion on that at the end.

Since We FellCarissa (4)

Ugh yes agreed-Rachel having the hallucination was so out of place in the book I was so confused and had to reread it. This one did not fit at all.

The PossessionsCarissa (4)

I agree. I really liked the book and the concept but the ending wasn't as exciting as I expected. I also didn't like how Edie's past was handled, very unrealistic and tried to make Edie out to be some horrible person for having a mental illness. I feel like this book could have done more justice against the stigma around mental illnesses like depression.