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Future Home of the Living God by Louise Erdrich

Future Home of the Living God

by Louise Erdrich

Quick take

Rather than merely capturing the horror of such circumstances, Erdrich also offers her characters and readers the comfort of radical love.

Why I love it

"The first thing that happens at the end of the world is that we don’t know what is happening." Like any good dystopian thriller, Future Home of the Living God externalizes present-day anxieties with such imagination that you both forget about your fears and imagine the worst possible manifestation of them. That rare effect begins with the voice of 26-year-old Cedar Songmaker, our warm, chatty n...


Louise Erdrich, the author of bestselling novels including LaRose and The Round House, paints a startling portrait of a young woman fighting for her life and her unborn child against oppressive forces that manifest in the wake of a cataclysmic event.

The world as we know it is ending. Evolution has reversed itself, affecting every living creature on earth. Science cannot stop the world from r...


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