Young Adult

Girls in the Moon

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Janet McNally with Girls in the Moon.

by Janet McNally

Quick take

This book made me feel like I could be in the East Village at 2am in leather boots and ripped tights, and I have never, ever been that cool in real life.

Why I love it

When I was growing up in my quiet, suburban nuclear family, I sometimes fantasized about what it would be like if my parents were famous. How easy and wonderful everything would be'”definitely worth being named something silly like 'œRocket' or 'œPomegranate''”to live in a world where I am always recognized, where strangers regularly congratulate me on nothing in particular, where people are fas...

Member thoughts

36% Love
54% Like
9% Dislike
  • Megan E.

    Horace, ND

    "Loved this book! Phoebe's pointed lyrics punctuate the story with feelings and poetry in a way that left me breathless."

  • Colleen K.

    Iowa City, IA

    "Disclaimer: I am from Buffalo and love 90's alternative, so this was a heartwarming book of a teen discovering herself and her talents balanced by her mother's flashbacks of choosing family over rock."

  • Regan T.

    Dayton, KY

    "Loved all of Pheobe's relationships in this book. Regardless if they were strong or struggling."

  • Katie K.

    Hartford, CT

    "I loved the melding of the stories and how each one connected and mirrored another. "

  • Tiffany B.

    Flatwoods, KY

    "I loved this book, usually don't read YA, but this is an excellent study of mother/daughter/sister dynamics! "

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "I love music, so a book about a musical mom and her 'artist' daughters is a win for me. Throw in NYC and I am hooked! Fun and easy, yet the characters have depth."

  • Jackie F.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    "I thought this story was really good. I enjoyed getting to know the characters. "

  • Debra C.

    Nevada City, CA

    "Easy read in a nice, almost poetic style. Appropriate for young ladies."

  • Krista T.

    Carlisle, PA

    "Girls in the Moon was a fun, relatively light read. I enjoyed Meg & Luna's stories more than Phoebe's."

  • Abbey P.

    Addison, TX

    "I read a lot of YA, and this sweet novel stood out to me in the crowd of far-fetched dystopias, warring fantasy worlds and shock value stories. Just a story you wanted to believe was true. "

  • Rachel Y.

    San Francisco, CA

    "Sweet, quick read. About finding yourself and loving family (even if you don't always agree with them!). "