Gold Fame Citrus

by Claire Vaye Watkins

Quick take

This strange world feels less like a fantasy than a premonition—urgently important and deeply plausible.

Why I love it

There's plenty to distinguish the dystopian California depicted in Gold Fame Citrus from the real one: the state has been evacuated by the government, its borders have been sealed, and most of its landmass has been gobbled up by a giant white sand dune. It's a sign of Watkins's enviable powers as a writer that this strange world feels less like a fantasy than a premonition'the future she's created...

Member thoughts

36% Love
28% Like
36% Dislike
  • Rayne B.

    Oakland, CA

    "As a Californian, I was completely absorbed in this book's potential, especially reading it during a drought. The majesty of nature is amazing, overshadows concerns of characters. Ending was lovely."

  • Lindsay H.

    Campbell, CA

    "Apolocaptyic setting, slightly strange character development. Fascinating read, okay writing quality."

  • Jim T.

    Chicago, IL


  • Alex J.

    Washington, DC


  • Katy B.

    Minneapolis , MN


  • Rhiannon S.

    Beverly, MA


  • Jeffrey H.

    Albuquerque, NM

    "Had a lot of promise and well written, but overall a bit disappointing--ending felt rushed"

  • Matthew R.

    San Diego, CA

    "Great book but the ending had me scratching my head"

  • Feliciano R.

    Sparks, NV


  • Wendy F.

    Brighton, MA

    "Overrated. Didn't capture my interest."

  • Kelsey M.

    Mesa, AZ

    "This book just reads like the author is trying way too hard to write something fancy, meaningful, and profound. The characters were generally unlikable and the plot was not very compelling. "