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Goodbye, Vitamin

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Rachel Khong with Goodbye, Vitamin.

by Rachel Khong

Quick take

As it dazzles and delights, as it compels you to fall in love with the people within its pages, it too shows you what is impossibly hard about love, about life.

Why I love it

I’ve always been a fan of a certain kind of summer read'”the book you take to the beach, expecting only fun and laughter, when it blindsides you with emotion and devastating insights until you’re both laughing and crying, tears and sand on your cheeks combining into an abrasive paste that would feel painful if you weren’t completely immersed in an incredible book. (Just me?) The kind of book that ...


Her life at a crossroads, a young woman goes home again in this funny and inescapably moving debut from a wonderfully original new literary voice.

Freshly disengaged from her fiancé and feeling that life has not turned out quite the way she planned, thirty-year-old Ruth quits her job, leaves town and arrives at her parents’ home to find that situation more complicated than she'd realized. Her...

Member thoughts

33% Love
53% Like
13% Dislike
  • Sara P.

    Cincinnati , OH

    "If I was only allowed one word to describe this it would be : "awww", but multiple versions of it. I finished this weeks ago, but I'm still thinking of and rooting for this family. "

  • Jenna C.

    New York, NY

    "Written in diary format, an Asian-American woman returns home to help take care of her father who has dementia. Hilarious, heartbreaking, and heartwarming at the same time."

  • Anna K.

    Brooklyn, NY

    "Rachel is amazing at making one laugh and cry all at the same time. Such a great book."

  • Emily B.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    "I absolutely loved this book. Read it in one sitting. I will definitely read it again. Beautifully written and incredibly touching. "

  • Meagan M.

    Hot Springs, AR

    "Just what I needed. "

  • Marissa R.

    Mount Vernon, NY

    "Amazing examination of dementia. Packs a huge punch, right in the gut"

  • Stephanie B.

    Bexley, OH

    "Very sweet epistolary novel about dealing with dementia. "

  • Kelsey M.

    Kent, WA

    "Heartfelt exploration on memory as it functions to bring families together and draw them apart. I just wish it was longer!"

  • Rosemary G.

    Downingtown, PA

    "Short, beautifully written story about family dealing with crisis and loss while supporting one another and making the best of it."

  • Hillary P.

    Gilbert, AZ

    "I love the author's writing technique. The characters were strong and lovable. A very quick read."

  • Colleen M.

    Danville, CA

    "Loved this one! It was both hilarious and heartbreaking and very, very real."