Killers of the Flower Moon

by David Grann

Quick take

History pulsates with evil, and Grann's job, expertly done, is to show us how the repeated crimes against a marginalized group of people remains relevant today.

Why I love it

I was a fan of David Grann years before we ever met '“ seeing his byline was a red alert that I was about to read something special. He is a master of real-life mystery, thrilling adventure, and jaw-dropping twists (See his previous book, The Lost City of Z, now a movie, for examples of all). But above all, he is interested, passionately, in what makes people unique, and why they behave in the st...

Member thoughts

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  • Kimberly B.


    "Fascinatingly gripping story. Also heartbreaking that this went on. It's sick what people will do for money. "

  • Cui W.

    Olathe, KS

    "Very well researched, well written. "

  • Kristin M.

    Baton Rouge, LA

    "By far my favorite book I've read so far this year. Heartbreaking this is a nonfiction. "

  • Alice E.

    Wellington, KS

    "Presently living less than 100 miles from the Osage, I am shocked to learn what happened there. This book was impossible for me to put down! The racism and corruption on so many levels is shocking."

  • Jill R.

    Woodbury, MN

    "Amazing book! I never knew about the murder of Osage Natives and the crimes disgust me. "

  • Candace C.

    fountain inn, SC

    "I LOVED this book. So interesting, it makes me want to read more about the Osage Indians. "

  • Jennifer D.

    New York, NY

    "Loved this non-fiction!"

  • Indira M.

    Northborough, MA

    "This is a well written account about the greed of the white man and the terrible consequences for the Osage tribe."

  • Kristin M.

    Wallingford, CT

    "This book started off slow for me, and was tough to get into, but after about a quarter of the way through it picked up and I absolutely loved it. What a sad but fascinating story."

  • Tyler O.

    Hollywood, FL

    "This was a great novel looking into a subject that I knew nothing about. Even though it is non-fiction, the story was told in such a way that made it read like it was fiction -- great read!"

  • Abigail D.

    Long Branch, NJ

    "Very sad but interesting facts about the treatment of the Native Americans. Very thought provoking book. I enjoyed the way it was written and found the birth of the FBI fascinating."