Literary Fiction

Lolly Willowes

by Sylvia Townsend Warner

Quick take

A badass woman defying society and living her own truth

Why I love it

In April of 1926, a fledgling Book of the Month Club announced its first ever selection, Lolly Willowes. Written by debut author Sylvia Townsend Warner, the novel tells the story of an unmarried woman who refuses to live the life that her family and society expects her to live. A bold and beguiling story about personal freedom, uneasy friendships, and witchcraft, Lolly Willowes was selected despit...

Member thoughts

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50% Like
28% Dislike
  • Julia C.

    Chicago, IL

    "This was a bit slow for the first 150 pages (I just kept waiting for her to commune with Satan), but especially for the time-period it must have been a wonderful, strong feminist statement."

  • Colleen K.

    Iowa City, IA

    "Laura is a middle-aged and reliable spinster until she rejects her controlling family. The first 2/3 are an Austenian family saga, but then there's a deal with the Devil in the magical 3rd chapter."

  • Rachel C.

    Tulsa, OK

    "Beautifully and insightfully written~~I encourage anyone interested in forgotten "classics" to read this book. Loved it. <3"


    Seaside, CA

    "this was a very light, quick read. Lolly comes to find comfort in who she is toward the end. I saw myself in her at times. a little more witchy encounters would have been cool, but still a nice read."

  • Jennifer A.

    Vandalia, MO

    "I adored this quiet, thoughtful, beautifully written book about a woman's power and her place in nature. Perfect for fans of Alice Hoffman and Virginia Woolf."

  • Carmen B.

    Madison, WI

    "Reading this book felt like a little prayer to those women who came before us: we remember you and understand why you pushed the boundaries of your limited lives for the rights to pursue your happines"

  • Kate S.


    "It is about breaking boundaries, which is still something we are dealing with today!"

  • Ariel K.

    Moreno Valley, CA

    "Great read! Loved the feminism in this book. It was interesting and makes you think. Definitely sharing with my mom and sisters. "

  • Laura H.

    NYC, NY

    "Spoilers herein: Feminism! Witches! Escaping the patriarchy to live with a kitten (who might be working with the devil) in the countryside. Smashing. "

  • Lisa H.

    Cary, NC

    "A poignant and still timely novel about a woman escaping social confines and finding her true self. Also, witchcraft, so 10/10."

  • Mary P.

    Houston, TX

    "Wow! I wish I could write in such a way as to convey the rhythms and flavor of Lolly Willowes, which is only one of the things I fell in love with while reading this book. Amazing book!"