Missing, Presumed

by Susie Steiner

Quick take

Every cast member is full of surprises. All of them have secrets...My suspicions kept shifting as I read.

Why I love it

A beautiful young Cambridge grad named Edith Hind, vanishes from her house on a snowy winter night, leaving behind her cell phone, her keys, her coat, a broken wine glass, and some drops of blood. Surely the culprit must be her handsome boyfriend? Or, her needy best friend? Or, the affable cold-blooded killer just out of prison? Or?

One tantalizing thing about Missing, Presumed is that the mystery...

Member thoughts

18% Love
58% Like
22% Dislike
  • Joy G.

    St. Amant, LA

    "Really good mystery!!"

  • Bridget M.

    Reno, NV

    "Very interesting "

  • Lauren M.

    Ionia, MI

    "I loved reading this! I could not set it down. The ending throws you for a loop. I love the detective, too. Her character was genuine and well developed."

  • Courtney M.

    Wauwatosa, WI

    "I not only loved the characters of the book, I loved the scenery and especially the writing. Enjoy!"

  • Kelly M.

    Babylon, NY

    "This book was extremely well-written, deftly moving between characters. It kept the suspense going. I loved it. "

  • Rachel C.

    Tulsa, OK

    "A pleasant surprise this book turned out to be! I've had many good reads this year and this one definitely reminded me how much I enjoy a well-rendered, character-driven police novel. Great read! "

  • Jennifer M.

    Concord, CA

    "British mystery with a strong female detective. Gritty but not gory. Glad it's going to be a series."

  • Nancy M.

    Green Cove Springs, FL

    "So good. But so frustrating at the end. "

  • Leah F.

    Olympia, WA

    "Great twists and turns, loved it!"

  • Margaret B.

    Springfield, IL

    "This book renewed my love affair with detective stories."

  • Susan S.

    South Abington Township, PA

    "great mystery"