Contemporary Fiction

Modern Lovers

by Emma Straub

Quick take

The fun in this family drama is watching their lives unspool and wondering if they can be knit back together.

Why I love it

I recently moved out of my mother's home, and it's impossible not to wonder about what she is doing now that my sister and I have left. Although this story is based in Brooklyn and my mother is in New Jersey, I felt immediately pulled into Straub's proposition: What happens when adults are left to focus on themselves while their children are trying to grow up and away? Adulthood is one hell of an...

Member thoughts

30% Love
53% Like
15% Dislike
  • Jessica L.


    "Very fun summer read!"

  • malory s.

    Grapevine, TX

    "Got so attached to the characters - a BOTM favorite"

  • Michele J.

    Brooklyn, NY

    "As someone who lives on the border of Ditmas Park and met her fiancee in college, this novel does an excellent and sensitive job of exploring love and romance in Brooklyn. "

  • Florence C.

    Pittsburgh, PA

    "A great portrait of love and life. Straub's characters are rich and so very human. "

  • Danielle D.

    Ithaca, NY

    "A quirky, funny, thought-provoking read that shows how friendships and passions can grow up along with a person."

  • Cailan R.

    Los Angeles , CA

    "Took a solid 100 pages to get into the story for me. But once I did I found that I couldn't put this one down. Highly recommend. "

  • Kelli M.

    Port orchard , WA

    "I love the storyline of each character and how they try to branch out and figure themselves out. A great story. "

  • Lara D.

    San Diego, CA

    "Loved the storyline and the intricacies of each character's relationship with each other and themselves. Interesting, tangled web."

  • Stephanie B.

    Bexley, OH

    "Emma Straub is now a must read author for me. She has excellent character development while still making her books feel effortless to read."

  • Jennifer R.

    Rock Port, MO

    "Well developed characters whose lives intertwine in very interesting ways. I felt like I could really relate to the story even when I don't share a lot in common with them. Captivating"

  • Megan A.

    Kansas City, MO

    "I loved this story of two couples, friends since being in a college band together, and their teenagers. It's a great look at struggling with what you want out of life at different ages."